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 My blog is soon getting a much needed re-vamp. I have been so so busy recently, I have been working lots and lots and as I have mentioned before I am spending a lot of my time travelling! I have also been spending most of the free time I have at home packing up my room for moving out next week! I was also on holiday for a week so haven't actually been on my laptop much at all recently. I am SUCH a useless blogger though , I really really am!! But I do, as always, aim to keep up with my blog and I have been meaning to give it a big re-vamp, change of name, change of layout etc for a long time now. Hopefully I will get that done very soon.

The story of my life: 

I have decided that I am going to try and make some weekly or monthly features on my blog, hopefully encouraging me to keep up with posting on here. In the past I had a feature called 'Sunday Songs' which I kept up with for only a month or so, creating a playlist at the end of each week to show you all what I had been listening to that week and what new songs I had discovered. I would like to keep a monthly feature about introducing my readers to new music since I myself love hearing of new musicians and bands.

I am thinking of having a feature like 'Musician/Band of the month' where I will showcase either a band or musician that I really like or ones that are new to me that month. I am also thinking of doing a monthly post along the lines of 'Trend of the month'. The idea for this is that I will write about a certain trend that I am liking at that specific time. It is likely that this feature will mostly be about fashion trends however the idea is that the trend could be anything from fashion to food, interior trends or blogs that I like.

I would also love to make a feature showing images that have caught my eye. I could spend hours browsing through image websites like We Heart It and Tumblr blogs and I always stumble across so many lovely images that I would like to share on my blog.

I am also hoping to start a feature about film soundtracks since there are so many songs that I love simply because they are featured in some of my favourite films. There are so many amazing film soundtracks and I would like to share some of my favourite ones with my readers.

 Hopefully I will start some of these features very soon. I promise I will be a better blogger one day!

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  1. All of those ideas sound lovely! They'll really help out lazy people like myself who love new music but can never their act together and find some, and who also LOVE tumblr images but never find the good'uns! xx


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