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I'm finally off to see Leddra Chapman tonight. Way back in September when I first started this blog I wrote a bit about Leddra and how I was waiting for her to tour so I could see her live... and now I am, with my mum in Newcastle today. (Anna) Leddra Chapman is a student at The London College Of Music and her music was described by Music Week magazine as "filling a similar space to early Alanis Morissette and Joni Mitchell" (two of my favourite female vocalists).

I fell in love with Leddra Chapman's music as soon as I heard her first single 'Story' on Radio 2, which I straight away downloaded and played over and over! Her album 'Telling Tales' is one of only a few that I love each track just as much as the other and could listen to again and again. She seems like such a lovely down to earth person as well, she replied to one of my tweets on twitter which made me feel particularly special! She is touring with a singer called Ben Montague who I hadn't really heard of before, but his music sound pretty good. So I'm looking forward to the gig tonight.

Please have a listen below if you haven't heard Leddra before. Let me know what you think.

Leddra Chapman - Story

Leddra Chapman - Summer Song

Bring Home Fashion

So tomorrow is the day of our fashion show: Bring Home Fashion. It's finally here.
This event my class at uni's (TFDM3) 3rd year fashion show. We are raising money for The British Heart Foundation and the theme of our show is 'upcycling'. We have created all of our looks from garments found in BHF charity shops with the aim of showing that 'one man's trash can be another man's treasure'. This year is the 50th anniversary of the charity and so we chose to show looks from the past 50 decades throughout our show. As well as designing and creating all of the looks in the show, my class has had to organise and run the whole event down to every last detail. This had been very stressful at times, but with two amazing class reps and everyone taking on different roles we hope all our hard work will pay off and we will pull off an outstanding event tomorrow night.

We had one smaller show in Gala last night which went really well and we had great feedback which made us all very excited for tomorrow's big event. (See link above to watch Gala show news coverage).

Please look at our facebook page here, and let me know if you are interested in tickets if you are around in Edinburgh tomorrow night. It will be a great night with our fabulous show, entertainment, an amazing raffle, goodie bags and a free after party at Cabaret Voltaire!....and lots of drinks obviously! What more could you ask for?
Our amazing poster with Lana's Illustration.
Look book photos by Lindsay Robertson.

 Here are some of the articles that have been published about our show:

Heriot Watt University News article

My friend Tiina's blog has a few fashion show posts. (It's written in Finnish though, but you can translate it if you like...or just look at the photos!)

Here's a wee link to my friend Lana's blog. Lana did our AMAZING illustration on the poster.

Our sponsors Vitamin Water at our look book shoot!

Watch this space for lots of photos from the show. I'm off to paint my nails with Barry M sparkly red for tomorrow! Night night, I've got a busy day ahead of me tomorrow.

Sunday Songs

I've not been listening to much new music this week, just same old, same old iPod playlists!
Here is this weeks playlist, another short one. Not had much time to explore new music this week but here's what I have been listening to:

Lullaby - The Cure

L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N - Noah And The Whale

Forget You (Live at the Brits) - Cee Lo Green and Paloma Faith

Better Than Today - Kylie

Love You - Free Design (Thanks to Rosie

You're Electric - Clare Maguire

No Dancin' - The Gillyflowers

Cod Liver Oil And The Orange Juice - Kenny Anderson (King Creosote)

Maybe not to everyone's liking, but my heart lies with folk music!

Shoe lust

Again, sorry for not posting much this week, been very very busy with fashion show stuff at uni. Will probably not be able to post much this week either as the actual fashion show is this week! I will try my best but it might even be next weekend before I can post again. I will have lots to post about after our fashion show though, lots of amazing photos and things! So watch this space to see some gorgeous outfit creations all made from charity shop garments.

I will also try to continue with the 30 day challenge however it has taken me a bit more than 30 days to complete!

But for just now, last April when I was in London I bought my lovely pair of red brogues from Office. I had decided just before I went to London that a pair of red brogues might be nice and as I walked past the Office store in Oxford Street these grabbed my attention. It seemed a lot to spend at the time since I didn't have much money, but I just told myself they would be my London purchase, (along with my London Topshop coat!) They were definitely worth the £65 though, I have worn them loads and I love them. They have just today came back from the cobblers where they needed re-heeled since it appears that I walk leaning back on my heels!? I wear them a lot though and they seem to match (or maybe sometimes clash!) with loads of outfits so I don't mind if they need re-heeled every year or so! I am quite sure that they will last for years and years. 
So that's me, me, me....and Fearn Cotton, with my shoes!

I am currently thinking that I would like a new pair in a different colour. Office still sell the same brogues called 'Frank' and the range of colours seem to change every now and again. When I bought mine they had blue, green and yellow ones and I kind of wish they still had that colour range but the range just now is a bit more neutral than that. I do like the cream ones (second down) though for the Summer. I also like a lot of the other styles that they have at the moment especially the two pairs at the bottom.

I haven't linked any of these images or posted the price, but they are all on the Office website.

Which ones do you prefer? Let me know.

Sunday Songs - a bit late!

Sorry this is a bit later than planned, 'Sunday Songs' is now being posted on Monday! I forgot that I had left this post as a draft last night and not published it.

So what have I been listening to this week:

S&M - Rihanna

Daddy Dear - Cass Fox

Save Me - Cass Fox

Every Time You Say Goodbye (Live) - Alison Krauss

Nothing Compares 2 U - All Angels

World Spins Madly On - The Weepies

Two Beds And A Coffee Machine - Savage Garden

When I was in Dundee we went to a second hand music and film shop called Grouchos. They have a deal on that all their £1.99 CD's are 3 for £3 so I got these three CD's for £1 each!

I had heard of the Alice Band years and years ago, I had a single of theirs that I bought cheap when I was about 12 but I've not listened to this album yet. I had also heard of Cass (Fox) as I had downloaded a single of hers that was the free single of the week on itunes a while back. I really loved it so I thought her album would be a good buy for £1 and it definitely was. I love loads of the tracks already and I've had the CD on repeat in my car since I got it. However I have been playing two of the tracks (mentioned above) over and over! The middle image is a CD by a band called Caramel Jack. Now this one I only bought because I liked the cover, I had no idea what type of music it would be. Malik does that often and I think he bought 6 CD's that he had never heard of before just judging them by their covers! This one is not bad but probably not the type of music that I would just sit and listen to but nevermind, it was only £1.
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