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My Recent Purchases

I thought I would share a few of my most recent purchases. The first one is this H&M stripey top which I absolutely love! I had seen a kind of cropped vest style top in the same colours a while ago but they didn't have the right size, so I went with this one instead. I'm very pleased with my choice though. I love the colours together and my mum said that the colours give me some colour in my cheeks too which is always good!

The next purchase is the trousers that I bought with my ASOS Groupon voucher, which I eventually spent about 5 minutes before it expired. I ordered a few other things to choose from so that I didn't waste the voucher if these trousers weren't right but they are perfect. They make me look very skinny (which is a nice feature) because of the high waist and I am in love with the colour, especially with my yellow satchel bag and maybe even purple heels! I wouldn't have said I loved the colour blocking trend but I do love bright colours like these trousers and my yellow bag! I haven't worn them yet but I'm sure the occasion will crop up soon enough!

I had been looking at these shoes for a while so I finally bit the bullet and bought them with some Birthday money. I wanted a more summery alternative to my red brogues and I really love them. However it obviously wasn't my smartest moment to wear them for the first time on a day out with no socks! I obviously at some point would like to be able to wear then without socks but just when I thought I had worn them in they went and rubbed my feet to bits again! It seems like it will be a while until they are soft enough for bare feet. I am currently on the look out for nice patterned ankle socks to wear with them! I'm so glad I bought them though!

I had been looking at buying Alan Carr's DVD for a while and I was planning on buying it pretty soon but......when I saw this in a charity shop for £2 I had to buy it! Normally charity shop DVD's aren't very good so this was a pleasant surprise. I have watched it a few times since I bought it, so so funny!

Here are three CD's that I have bought recently. I ordered the new KT Tunstall EP which arrived today. I am a massive KT fan and didn't hesitate in buying this new EP. I have also ordered Lissie's album which I have been listening to on Spotify for a while and finally decided to buy it after a neighbour gave me a birthday card with an unexpected £20 in it, so I treated myself to this as well as the KT one. I also bought an EP from my dad's friend Paul Gilbody at a recent Acoustic Edinburgh gig. I love all of his songs, he is a great singer and song-writer and so I parted with some pennies for his debut EP. I have given you all a little preview of each of the CD's.

KT Tunstall - Preview of The Scarlet Tulip EP

Lissie - When I'm Alone

Paul Gilbody - Ricochet

Edward's Got Talent

Did anyone watch 'Britain's Got Talent' last weekend? Did you see Edward Reid? Well he is my new claim to fame! He sang at our uni fashion show in February, he is my classmate Giulio's uncle!! I had known that he had auditioned for 'Britain's Got Talent' but had kind of forgotten. I was watching it last Saturday night whilst I was getting ready for a night out and my sister came running through to tell me that had showed a tiny clip of him in a montage and I had assumed that that was it! Then I was at my friends house just before we went out and there he was chatting away to Amanda Holden. He then continued to wow everyone by singing nursery rhymes to the tune of Snow Patrol's 'Run'. It's was so exciting to see him on the TV and to see him get such an amazing reaction from the audience and the judges, they even showed the judges talking about him afterwards as they walked away. Everyone loved him!

Last Sunday I watched the audition properly on YouTube and it already, after about 24 hours, had around 380,000 views and now after almost a week it has 1,364,650 views. Its crazy! Giulio my classmate had posted lots of links about Edward on his facebook page showing all the media frenzy that surrounded the audition. He was mentioned on abc news in America the next day as well as on the Perez Hilton blog. His name was trending on twitter during the audition and Keith Lemon had tweeted about him! A lot of blogs and new articles were asking 'Is Edward Reid the next Susan Boyle?'. It's so funny to see someone that you have met get such an amazing reaction worldwide, I can't even imagine what it must be like when you actually know the person!

He is definitely the one so far the everyone is going to remember and I can see him going very very far in 'Britain's Got Talent' as well as after the competition. I will be supporting him all the way and I know that all my uni classmates will be too. I feel very proud that he sang at our fashion show and thank Giulio so much for arranging it for us. 

My new claim to fame = I've danced on stage with Edward Reid!!

All the YouTube videos wont let me embed them but you can watch it here!
And please please do if you haven't seen it!

Edward rehearsing and performing at out uni fashion show.
Edward performing at out uni fashion show. Photos by Lindsay Robertson.


Did anyone else watch the 'The Model Agency' series? I absolutely loved it! I especially loved Annie! She seems like such a fun loving and kind hearted person with a big sense of humour. She was always there with a shoulder to cry on for all the models as well as quite often being the one in the middle of all the office hilarity. I loved how the series gave an inside look into the Premier model agency office, showing all the fun that goes on in amongst the amazing hard work they all do as model agents.

I kind of have a bit of an Annie crush! I would love to be her....or at least know her! What a great friend she would be don't you think?......maybe I'll just have to become a model one day!!!!

If you didn't watch it then I really advise that you do, I'm sure you can get it on 4od.

Images found on Google images.

Blog revamp.

I am planning on giving my blog a big re-vamp soon. I am really not happy with it at all, I don't really like the layout or the background pattern or my header image or fonts...or anything really. I look at so many lovely blogs and it just makes me want to play around and change mine. The first major thing that I need to decide on is a name for my blog. The name it has at the moment was never really meant to be permenant but I suppose it is now. It is so hard trying to decide, I don't know how long I will continue this blog but it needs to be a name that will last and stay relevant in the long run. It also has to obviously be relevant to what I am writing about which just now is a mix between general lifestyle stuff, fashion, music. So I need all your opinions, maybe I shouldn't change it at all:

Fiona Hunter - This is what my blog is called at the moment and is pretty unoriginal, it's just my name! Although I can't really work out if in some ways it is kind of original since not many other blogs are just a persons name.

I could also incorporate my middle name 'Mhairi' into it somehow: Fiona Mhairi Hunter or just Fiona Mhairi.
 Fiona Hun - This what my blog url is and it is what my blog was called when I first started it. I thought it was kind of cute since it was an abbreviation of my name and 'hun' is the word that my boyfriend always uses for me in texts and in person and I also use the word quite a lot with him and friends. My dad pointed out to me that 'hun' is a nazi word though!! From looking up the real definition, it maybe isn't something I want my blog to be associated with!

Hunter -  A blogger a while back said that Hunter would be quite good on its own. I like it and it is catchy however I know that face hunter is such a well known blog and I don't really want to have anything similar.

Or somethings totally different, maybe song lyrics:

'What's the point in living if you don't want to dance?' - Kylie.
I love these lyrics but if I was going down that route I would probably rather choose lyrics from one of my favourite singers or bands, maybe KT Tunstall, Leddra Chapman or The Beautiful South. They all have amazing lyrics that I could use as a blog title!
Please please comment and let me know what you think!! Maybe I should just keep it as it is at the moment!

I'm back

Hi everyone, I am sorry that I haven't posted in ages. I have been particularly busy with uni work in the last few weeks. All of my deadlines for semester one were last week so I had a lot of work to do and as usual the last week of the semester meant many a late, night peaking at 2.30am the night before the last hand in. But........I am now on holiday for the summer!!!! Which kind of makes a week or so of pure stress and a few late nights very worth it in the end. I am very bad for getting myself very stressed out when it comes to uni work and reports etc, I think it's because I am not happy handing anything in that is not done to the best best standard that it could be, even if that means getting myself stressed over it.

Aside from uni stress which ended last Friday when I handed everything in, it was a busy weekend last weekend in terms of birthdays. It was my little sisters birthday last Friday. I hate to say it but her birthday was kind of over ruled a bit this year by my birthday which was on Monday. Mine was the big 21 so we had a kind of open house party on Sunday with lots of family and friends. I had tried not to think too much about party planning whilst I was busy with uni work so as soon as I was finished uni it was straight into the stress of party organising. Shopping, cooking, baking, tidying and cleaning the house as well as working on Saturday. It was pretty stressful but again, it was all worth it and we had a lovely party on Sunday. I will do a post very soon about my birthday weekend with lots of photos!

Anyway that is my reasoning for not posting for a while but I am back now and I have all the time in the world at the moment so I will be posting a lot more often. I even have a list of things that I would like to post about in a notebook somewhere. This 30 day blog challenge has been good in terms of giving me something to write about and maybe helped some of you get to know me better. However the '30 days' have turned into about 2 and a  half months! It has become very tedious and I am tempted just to miss out the last three days but I am not a quitter and I am determined to finish it.

Back soon with new posts and a blog revamp coming very soon too!
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