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The Pitt Market

The Pitt street food market had been appearing all over my social media for weeks before I finally got the chance to go along. With it being held on Saturdays and me working most of them, as soon as I saw that I had one off my plans for the day were made! Tim had been with some friends previously and had been pretty impressed, saying that we should go if I was free, so along we headed a couple of weeks ago.

The market is based in an empty yard space on Pitt Street in Leith (just off the end of Ferry Road) and has been running for the last five Saturdays (previous to that, only monthly). Walking along the fairly tucked away street it wasn't really in the type of area that I had been expecting at all, but this empty space has been put to such great use on these summer Saturdays. I quite like the fact that it isn't held in a busy city centre location where it would end up packed with tourists and passers by. It felt like everyone had made an effort to gather there which, I think, helped to make it such a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. We arrived at about 5pm (the market runs from 12pm until 10pm) and it was buzzing with people of all ages enjoying the amazing variety of food and drink vendors as well as the live music, and luckily whilst we were there, the sunshine! 

So what did we eat?

Tim had a buttermilk fried chicken burger with black garlic mayo and pickles from The Buffalo Truck. It was amazing (from the little bit that I tasted!) and if I can make it back in the next couple of weeks and The Buffalo Truck is there again then I know what I'm having! I opted for the smoked bean chilli from The Spice Girl having previously seen it on my sister's Instagram! I'm not massively into spicy food but this chilli had just the right kick for my tastes and was served with rice and sour cream...equally as delicious as Tim's burger (and a little bit more Instagramable!!)! We washed our food down with some craft beers, unfortunately I have no idea what they were or who sold them!? But they were good whoever you are! Having not had too much to eat that day neither of us were completely filled by our food, and obviously there wasn't a shortage of choices for something else to eat. Next we shared some of the gyoza/dumplings from The Harajuku Kitchen, which were a new food experience for me.  

The Pitt is running for seven Saturdays throughout the summer and there are only two left, so get yourself along! It may seem slightly out of town but it's only really a half an hour walk from the top of Leith Walk and it's most definitely worth it...plenty of amazing food once you've worked up your appetite! It has a great vibe with live music throughout the day and drinks flowing. Children are welcome until 8pm and dogs are welcome too! I'm really hoping that I can get along again to the last one of the summer season on the 30th and try some more of the great food and drinks this amazing city has to offer! 

Colour Elements Event

A couple of weeks ago I attended a fantastic blogger event by Colour Elements, at the beautiful Kakao by K boutique on Thistle Street. Colour Elements is a colour identification service, helping and advising you towards wearing the right colour palette to suit you. Everyone who attended the event got a little ten minute Colour iD consultation with Karen, the woman behind the company, where she told us which element's colour palette we were. I was really intrigued as to what colours she was going to tell me I should be wearing, and I loved how within a few minutes of looking at my eye colour, skin tone and hair colour she knew what colours would suit me. I was told that I am the air element but with a touch of fire! Karen showed me a lovely teal colour (which was interesting as people have told me before that I suit blues and greens) on the Colour elements app but explained that with these neutral air tones I should add a touch of fire colours with a scarf or necklace because of the very slight red tones in my hair. I feel like I already do this slightly, if I was wearing a very neutral top then I'd always try to have a very bright necklace on, and so it was great to have this confirmed. 

Colour Elements promotes sustainability through helping people to make better wardrobe choices and therefore avoiding unwanted clothes being thrown away so frequently. For me, this event was perfectly timed with the fact that I'll be shopping for some clothes for my new job soon. I'll definitely be keeping what I was told in mind when I'm shopping, to avoid me making wardrobe mistakes and help me buy staple pieces that I can get more wear from. Far too frequently in the past I have bought cheap things that just haven't suited me, resulting in me not wearing them and then eventually throwing them away. The advice I got from Colour Elements will definitely be in the front of my mind now whenever I head out clothes shopping.

"If we prolong the life of a garment by 3 months 
we can reduce our carbon footprint by 5-10%." 

Kakao by K where the event was hosted is a lovely little fashion boutique on Thistle Street. The shop focuses on the Scandinavian ethos of stylish simplicity and it was a perfect venue for the event. The girls from the shop were really lovely and we were treated to a goody bag with either a piece of jewellery or a scarf from the shop, which was extremely kind of them. I love the scarf that I got and have worn it quite a bit already. Seeing that I'm going to be working on Thistle Street, I can definitely see myself back in the shop soon! 

Refreshments at the event were provided by Mother's Gin Bar, a favourite of mine! We were treated to a couple of gin cocktails at the shop before moving on to Mother's down the road on Howe Street, for a complimentary drink of our choice and a sample of their new food menu in their newly renovated downstairs bar. I felt that this collaboration with Mother's really made the event particularly special. It was great to be able to move on to somewhere after and continue to socialise with both old blogging friends and new ones made on the night, with drinks and food provided for us in a relaxing atmosphere. Being literally a two minute walk from my flat I have been to Mother's a few times before, I'd definitely recommend trying it out if you like your gin! 

You can download the Colour Elements App for iPhone or iPad here, where you can check your element colours and create and save colour cards for shopping or potential outfits. If you'd like your own colour iD check out how you can here.

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