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This is one of those posts that I have had in my drafts for ages and ages. I love the look of mix and match frames all on one wall and I've been planning to do this in my room in my flat since I moved in.....more than a year ago. I did buy a few random frames from charity shops and some postcards and cards to frame however time and my uni work got the best of me and the frames went away in a drawer. When I moved into this flat my room seemed so big and I had such large wall spaces to fill however somehow over time I seem to have filled the wall spaces. I'd still like to do this though and I really need to pursue this idea by buying more frames and getting them all up on the wall with my chosen photos and prints. I do wish I had more money to buy nice prints and pictures for my walls. I will one day though...when I have a whole house worth of wall space to fill.

My life lately via Instagram:

Me and my friend and flatmate Lana before our friend Lynsey's wedding. / Cocktails and cupcakes for Lynsey's hen night. / The gorgeous bride to be at her hen night. / Stripping wallpaper for my Grandma, all her grandchildren helped to decorate her bedroom for her 80th birthday. / My outfit for my Grandma's birthday afternoon tea: Zara dress from a few years ago and Clarks peep toe heels. / A card that my Auntie sent my Grandma, I realise now that you can't really read it in this picture but it's funny! 

Chai tea latte and to-do-lists. / Drinks!! / Bounty and white chocolate cheesecake at Mimi's Bakehouse. / Cuppa and One Tree Hill in bed. / Starbucks treats that a customer brought into work for us. / The make-up I bought last payday! 

Me and the Kelso girls enjoying drinks at the Edinburgh festival. / A snap I took on my walk to work on a sunny day. / Me and my favourite girls. / New work shoes. / Me and my square. / My jewellery choices on a rare day that I had my nails painted. 

Village Fete back home in The Borders. / Bunting outside our house for the fete alongside a gorgeous sunset. / Our stall at the fete, I made a few cards to sell and my mum and sisters made lots too. / An amazing piece of coffee cake. / My mum gave me scrabble tiles to make cards so I stole a few to make my name, I have them standing on a shelf in my room. / A lemon and peppercorn chicken salad I made.

Spotty jeans that I got for £3 in the Republic sale!!! Love a bargain! / Me and a few of the Clarks girls. / Strawberries and sugar..Mmm! / The 'new job' card that I received when I got a place in the Clarks trainee management scheme, from my friend Rachie. / Lunch in the sun with my Dad. / Lunch with the Sunday papers.

It's beginning to feel a lot like Winter

So it really is beginning to feel a lot like winter, what with the ridiculous weather, the dark nights and X Factor gracing our screens at the weekends! I just seem to have this really wintery feeling, to be honest, it feels like Christmas is just around the corner.

One of the best parts of the sudden change in seasons is the wardrobe update (if you can afford it, which I really can't...but I can just window shop!). I really do want to get a new winter coat and boots though. I've had the same winter coat for three years now so I'd quite like to invest in a new one. Well this is my current winter wardrobe wish-list:

1. A gorgeously expensive Zara coat. I tried this on a while ago and haven't stopped thinking about it since. 

2. Statement jewellery, again from Zara. They have so much statement jewellery that I love at the moment. As I wear black to work I like to dress my work outfit up a bit with statement necklaces.

3. These H&M spotty tights. I often wear little black dresses to work so I thought these would be a nice addition to my work wardrobe.

4. H&M shirt. I'd like a nice shirt like this one that can be dressed up to wear out with jeans and boots but can be worn casually with a huge cosy scarf!

5. I have taken a fancy to these Desert Boots at work (Clarks). I'm not sure about how they would look with dresses and skirts but I love this winter version with the fur inside them.

6. I also love these boots at work (Clarks), I really don't need any like this since I have some brown ankle boots from last year but I do like these. It's way too tempting working somewhere with nice shoes, especially with staff discount!

Recently Played

I am a huge fan of music, I couldn't get through a day without listening to it in some form. I usually have music on when I am getting ready for work in the morning, listen to my iPod on the walk to work, on the way home from work, when I get home from work and most days I listen to music in my bed before I go to sleep. I love music posts on blogs that I follow or when a blogger features a song in a blog post, especially if it is a singer or band I haven't heard of before. It's such a satisfying feeling when you stumble upon a song that you have never heard before and you get so hooked to it that you have to listen to it over and over. 

So I thought I would show you what songs I have been hooked on lately:

I had heard of Twin Atlantic but had never really listened to them before until I caught a couple of minutes of the TV coverage of them playing T in the park and I liked what I heard. It was this song that I saw them play and ever since then I literally have not stopped listening to it. I've had a listen to some of their other stuff on Spotify too, but this song still sticks out as my favourite. Got to love the Scottish accent!

I have been a Kate Bush fan for a pretty long time and I really love this 2012 remix that was used in the Olympic closing ceremony. I'm not usually one for remixes as I would probably always prefer the original. With this song however, I think this remix and the original are equally as good, and I was surprised how many Kate Bush fans on YouTube were saying they actually think this version is better. 

Again, I have always been a huge fan of Amy MacDonald since her first single 'Mr Rock and Roll' quite a few years back. So when I noticed that she had a new album out I had to have a listen and it didn't fail to impress me. This track was the one that seemed to grab my attention the most, it's just a feel good song.

It was fairly recently that I discovered this song but it has become one of those ones that I have on constant repeat. It was my friend who works in Hollister that introduced me to it as it's played on the playlist in Hollister and apparently judging by all the 'Hollister brought me here' comments on YouTube it has made an impact on a lot of other Hollister employees and customers too. 

I'm very excited that Pink is back and I love this song. I have been listening to her new album on Spotify today and discussing with my friend about buying tickets for her tour since they go on sale on Friday! I have seen her twice before and she is absolutely amazing live. From the first listen of the new album I can tell it's going to be a favourite.

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