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Its been a while...

Hello guys, I apologise that it has been a long long while since I last posted on here. I did say that I would be back after my exam however that was a while ago I know. But there is a bit of a story there; I'll keep it short but basically I ended up in hospital the day after my exam. My tummy had been sore for a while before but it got pretty sore the night of my exam and it turns out I had appendicitis. I was in hospital for four days which was pretty pointless because I was in no pain and its all just such a waiting game in hospital with everyone talking about you, around you and no one really tells you anything. I finally got home on antibiotics, no operation...for just now. I've got to go back in 8 weeks so we'll just and see what happens then but I think it is likely I will get sent home again, no operation at all.

So that was an eventful time, what with the snow as well. My Christmas shopping and Christmas celebrations with friends were a bit ruined but never mind, I got there in the end with last minute shopping etc. I also, after missing my original appointment, got my fringe cut (Will post a picture when I get a nice one!) I hope you all had a nice Christmas and hope Santa was good to you all. I certainly did, had a great day with the family at my auntie's in Edinburgh, stopping in at my Dad's on the way up and then spent boxing day at Malik's. Santa and my family and friends were extremely kind to me. I got a lovely red satchel, a nice smaller brown bag, three fashion books, DVDs and CDs, jewellery, chocolates and loads of other nice bits and pieces.

Anyway, I am back in blogging action and after getting a book called "No one cares what you had for lunch - 100 ideas for your blog" from my friend Fiona, I have lots of new inspiration for blog posts so watch this space.

Potential Fringe

I know I said that I didn't have any time for blogging but I want everyones opinions by Wednesday! I have a hair appointment on Wednesday morning (I always seem to get my hair cut just before Christmas) and I am contemplating a full thick fringe! I am not too sure about it though, I have been told by the hairdresser in the past that because my hair is so curly that I can't really have a fringe. I know that as soon as it rains or the air is even a bit damp that it will go all frizzy and curly but I think I would just have to put up with that. My theory is that if it is very thick and not just wispy little bits of hair then once I have straightened it everyday then it wont go curly as easy. I will just have to have a permenant stash of curby grips in my bag and a hairband for disaster hair days. My hair grows really fast and so I am also thinking that if it is quite a long fringe then once it gets a bit longer, if I'm not sure about it, I can just clip it back, the same as I do at the moment.

I have never really had a proper fringe before, and you never know what its like unless you go for it...opinion please folks!!

(I know my hair is a lot curlier than the pictures below but these were just a few of the pictures I found to try and show a thick fringe with sort of curly/wavy hair)

The Douglas Kay Band - 'Adelaide'

Hi guys, I thought I would just post this now since I will not have much time for blogging in the next couple of days. I will be back on tuesday night though, after my exam is over! This is the band that my dad plays in, please have a wee look. This is the bands entry for One Song Gig. Thats my dad playing bass on the right hand side! :) Let me know what you think.

"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas"

With all the mountains of snow outside the window and no sign of it stopping, it certainly is "beginning to look a lot like Christmas". It would feel a lot more like Christmas if I didn't have so much uni work to do, but not long now until that will all be finished; only a week and 5 hours!! When my exam is over I think I might have to go to Edinburgh maybe the day after. I need lots of Christmas shopping but I am also kind of craving the whole Christmas shopping atmosphere in Edinburgh. Starbucks Christmas coffee's, the Winter Wonderland in the gardens, the German market and the general hustle and bustle of people snapping up presents for loved ones. I think Malik and his friends are coming down from Dundee to go to the Winter Wonderland this weekend but unfortunately I will still be revising...and watching the XFactor final! I am kind of hoping that I will still get the chance to maybe go with Malik nearer Christmas, like we did last year, and go ice skating on the outdoor rink in Princes Street Gardens and get some last minute shopping.
I have also been craving watching 'The Miracle on 34th Street'. This is one of my all time favourite films and because it's a Christmas film it kind of means that I don't ruin it by watching it too much as it only really comes out at this time of year. I still feel like it is a bit early to watch it but I think I might do the deed soon, to help me with my revision!! It is the 1994 version of this film that I know and love, It is a remake of a 1947 film but I have never seen that version. If you havn't seen this film then I recommend that you do. Directed by Les Mayfield and starring Richard Attenbourgh as Kris Kringle himself, this film is everything you would want from a family film to all sit around the fire and watch at Christmas. The film also stars Mara Wilson (Matilda and Mrs Doubtfire) as Susan Walker and Elizabeth Perkins as Susan's mother Dorey Walker amongst a whole host of amazing cast members including Dylan McDermott, Jane Leeves (Frasier) and the late Robert Prosky.

The film tells the story of Susan, a little girl who has been told the truth about Santa by her mother at a very young age. However when her mother, events organiser for department store Coles, hires a Santa (Kris Kringle) that belives he is the real thing, Susan and her mother are forced to reconsider their belives. I don't want to give too much away, you should just watch it.

"Coles believe in Santa Claus, do you?"

All these images from

Diane Birch

So much for this being a fashion blog,there's just as much about music on here as fashion. This post is kind of about both. Diane Birch is one of my favourite musicians that I have discovered in the last year (and is now probably one of my favourite musicians ever) but she is also quite a style icon.
  Diane Birch is an American singer-songwriter in the genres of soul and blues. She started playing piano at the age of 7 and released her first studio album in 2009 aged 26. Diane's single 'Rewind' was the free single of the week on iTunes one week and as soon as I listened to it I downloaded her album. I think this might have been the one and only time that I have done that, especially so impulsively, within 5 minutes of hearing Diane Birch for the first time I had bought her whole album! And I love it. It is one of those albums you could just listen to over and over without getting bored, she has such a gorgeous voice! She has an EP of covers coming out on the 7th of December with 'The Phenomenal Handclap Band' which I will certainly be purchasing after hearing a few tracks. I am just waiting for her to tour somewhere in the UK now.

 As well as her music I love the vibe that Diane Birch gives off with her style. From all of the images I came across, it appears to me that Diane keeps her style very plain yet chic and sophisticated. The hat appears in a lot of the photos that I found and it even got me thinking if I could pull off a hat like that (the answer to that one was no!). I can't seem to explain much about Diane Birch's style however I do know that I love the effortless sophistication vibe that she has oozing from her style and her music...just have a look, and a listen for yourselves.

Please do have a listen and let me know what you think:

I love discovering new music...

Angus & Julia Stone - Yellow Brick Road [Album]

Potential outfits for around the Christmas period!

I already have a dress for the few dressy occasions that I have around Christmas, however Topshop have so much nice stuff at the moment that I am contemplating getting (once I have bought all my Christmas presents obviously!) an outfit for some other times, like Christmas day at my aunties! To be completely honest I can't really afford any of these things so probably won't get anything but that doesn't stop me blogging about them!

Here are a few outfit options, I think my favourite being the maroon coloured harem trousers and the sequined lace cardigan but I do love the turquoise and the red shorts with some black knee high socks or tights.

I already have these shoes, they are a couple of years old now though. They need a bit of a polish!

I have heels that look a bit like this, these ones are French Connection and mine are from Joe Browns but they do look similar.

Everything on here is from Topshop except the shoes and these earrings that are from Accessorize.

MK and A - Style Icons

Since looking into Grunge fashion for a uni project and coming across a few pictures of Mary Kate Olsen, the other day I started looking into them a bit more and found a few blogs dedicated to the styles of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. I have loved this pair since I was pretty small. Me and my sisters had all their videos...'Passport to Paris', 'Billboard Dad' and 'Switching Goals' to name a few!! To be honest we still have most of them on DVD! 

Anyway I am a bit in love with their style. I will be honest and say that in most circumstances I don't really know which one is which but when they both have equally great style and fashion sense then that doesn't really matter just now. I think that the easiest way to tell them apart is that Ashley's style always seems to be a bit more smart and sophisticated whereas Mary Kate's style is often more effortless glamour with a more mixed up and vintage style.

Whatever they are wearing, wherever they are going, they always seem to look so glamourous and no matter who is who I always love what they are both wearing. 

 Definite style icons.

*This one (below) is defintely a personal favourite.

*As well as this one....I love this one!

Another few favourites (above and below!)

*And another one that I love! (below)

And another....actually this is a little bit pointless because I love them all!

I love how utterly glamourous and sophisticated these last few look!
Most images from 'In the Olsen Closet' blog 
and a few from 'Olsen-Fashion' blog.
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