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'Have you ever thrown a fist full of glitter in the air?'

This photos is so gorgeous. Me and my friend Rachel are massive Pink fans and we were so happy for her and her husband Carey Hart when we heard that she had given birth to Willow Sage Hart.

We have been big fans of Pink ever since we decided to go and see her live when we were about 16. I wouldn't say that I was a big fan of Pink before then, she was one of those artists that I had always liked every song that she released and I had a feeling that she would be great to see live. And I wasn't wrong. She puts on the most AMAZING show! I'm sure some of you might have seen her perform on various award shows and festivals but if you haven't seen it, she does astounding acrobatics, wrapping herself around ribbons from the ceiling in such an artistic and jaw dropping way. I hadn't expected anything like that! That along with her flawless voice, her energy on stage and her down to earth chats with the crowd made that gig one of the best I have ever been to. From then on Rachel and I were kind of in love with her!

Some of my photos from The Isle of Wight Festival 2010.

Rachel and I also saw her live again at last years Isle of Wight Festival which was an amazing experience. I don't think many of the people there had expected her to put on such an extravagant performance at a festival. However she brought parts of her summer carnival tour to the festival and definitely surprised a lot of people! First of all she dropped to the stage from a box levered over the stage by a crane (what an entry), rolled over the crowd in one of those hamster balls (as you can see in the photos above) and then finished her set by spinning around on wires across the top of the crowd. She was so close to us, we could almost have touched her! And she did all this whilst gracing the crowds with hits from her most recent album as well as old favourites like 'Get The Party Started'.

In my opinion Pink has so many great songs and her song writing is some of the best around! Every song has such a deep meaning and listening to them can trigger so many emotions, especially nostalgia of that first concert we saw so many years ago. Basically whether you are a big fan of Pink or not, I would definitely advise that you see her live at some point in your life if you get the chance. It is such a great experience! Hopefully she will return to her music and performing after having some much deserved time off to spend being a mummy to Willow Sage. I am very happy for her and I'm sure she will be an amazing mum mom!

Watch this...she is just too amazing!


  1. She's simply amazing, and has fantastic taste as I decided a long time a go that if I have a daughter I am going to call her Willow. She's beautiful and un-fake. I love her, what a stunning photograph and video xxx

  2. Such a beautiful photo, don't think any of them could look more content if they tried!
    I'm off to listen to Glitter in the Air now after reading this- such a gorge song!
    Fiona x


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