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Edinburgh Fringe Festival Day

A very photo heavy post! That might be happening quite a lot now since I got my new camera. These are some photos documenting my day out with my dad and sisters at the Edinburgh Fringe a few weeks ago. We went out for lunch in a lovely cafe near my new flat and then went to see my dad's friends show, they are duo called 'The Sorries' who perform Scottish songs and their own interpretations of traditional Scottish songs. It was a really good show and they certainly keep the audience very entertained with their witty banter and great musicianship. It is a great show to have in the festival because it is perfect for tourists, it's so traditionally Scottish and gives foreign people a great insight into Scottish music, Scottish history and Scottish dress (as both men are kitted out in their kilts). However it is also a great show to see if you are a fan of traditional Scottish music, like I am. The show had already been running for a few weeks when we went along and they said to my dad that they had only had five empty seats since they started which is amazing! 

After the show we wandered down the Royal Mile and took in the festival atmosphere! We stopped and watched a really funny street entertainer who had the perfect mix of comedy and impressive knife juggling to keep an audience of hundreds entertained for about an hour. We then ended up in Chocolate Soup where we all indulged in a massive hot chocolate with cream etc, which was perfect as by this time it had started to rain. I had never been to Chocolate Soup before but it seemed really nice, I had a hot chocolate with cream and Malteasers in it! Yum!

This was really the only day that I have managed to take in any of the Fringe Festival. I have obviously wandered up and down from the flat to work most days but I haven't really done much in the festival this year. However...I am going to see Sarah Millican on Sunday which I am very very excited about. Can't wait.

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