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Leaving the nest

I'm a bit behind with this post since I have already moved! But before I post some photos of our new flat in Edinburgh I thought I would share a few of the sad photos I took of my old room all packed up before I left! It really was so sad to see the room that I had lived in for so many years all packed up in boxes and seeing all the walls empty! It was like seeing my life all packed up into some boxes and bags.

I thought that I was going to get some sort of leaving the nest syndrome. This is the first time I have ever lived away from home and the whole moving out thing was very new to me. To be honest I have been in the flat for seven days now and so far I'm loving it. I have had the odd moment when I do really really miss home and I especially miss my family and the countryside. I think it will take a while to adjust to the noise of traffic all through the night here since at home it was literally silent outside from about 10pm! And as hard as it is to believe I definitely am missing all the harmless bickering that goes on between me and my mum and sisters at home, it's very quiet here in comparison! Moving day was pretty sad too, seeing my mum, dad and sisters help me up the three flights of stairs with all of my stuff, hang around for a while and then eventually leave...without me. Leaving me here to start a new chapter of my life....'country girl adapts to new life in the city'.

The view from my bedroom window back home.

My DVD collection.

Empty wardrobe.

Empty walls.

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  1. It's pretty weird leaving for the first time, your parents will be finding it really strange. Me and my twin sister left at the same time and it halved the number of kinds in the house, my mum still finds it strange! My brother is leaving soon too so it'll just be my wee sister all alone.
    Hope you're getting on alright in Edinburgh, at least it's a lovely place to live! And there's all the festival stuff right now to keep you busy. :) xxxx


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