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Spain and my favourite photo editing apps

I've just recently returned from my first holiday in five years and my first time on a plane ever, after my sister Melissa and I booked a last minute getaway to Fuengirola in Spain. We were only in Spain for 4 nights, which absolutely flew by as I knew it would, but we managed to fit in plenty of sunbathing, swimming in the sea, shopping and a few cocktails...of course!!

I've decided to blog my holiday photos at the same time as showing you some of the photo editing apps that I've been using lately. I own an android phone and so I was always so gutted that I couldn't get any of the photo editing apps that I saw used on my Instagram feed, as they all seemed to be made for iPhone only. I loved the bokeh light effect that I saw used quite often and more and more Instagram photos I was seeing seemed to be cut into shapes. There are probably plenty of apps for android that can do these things however now that I have my iPad I have the luxury of access to iPhone apps...and I've been using these three quite a lot.

A Beautiful Mess. This app came on the market just after I bought my ipad and I think it's the only one from these three that has a specifically designed app for this platform. The app basically provides a cute style of text, borders, doodles (like hearts and arrows), filters and pre-written words (such as 'yum' and 'adventure'). There's an option with this app to pay for add on packages with more fonts and borders etc which I haven't purchased yet but it's very tempting. Search the #abeautifulmess hashtag on Twitter or Instagram to all the ways the app can be used, some people are so creative with it.

Afterlight. I've only really used the app for the frames it provides. You can also use it to generally edit the colours and tones of photos and it does have some filters you can apply to the photo too. However I just like the shaped frames options and the fact that you can adapt the background transparency of the frame.

PicFX. I'd been looking for this one for a while, basically just to put the bokeh light effect on photos however the app also has a lot more to offer. There are loads of different filter options and the option to create layers of different effects on your photos. I still do go straight to the folder of light effects though, I just really love how they look. 

I paid for all of these apps but none of them were over £2, a pretty good buy if you ask me!

So here's my favourite holiday snaps:

Triangle frame: Afterlight. Text: A Beautiful Mess.

Bokeh light effect: PicFX. Text: A Beautiful Mess.

Circle frame: Afterlight. Text and rays border: A Beautiful Mess.

Black and White filter: Instagram. Rounded edges: Afterlight. Text: A Beautiful Mess.

Scratched filter: PicFX. Frame: Afterlight. Text: A Beautiful Mess.

Filter: PicFX. Bokeh light effect: PicFX. Text: A Beautiful Mess.

Circle frame: Afterlight. Text: A Beautiful Mess.

Filter and circle frame: Afterlight. Text: A Beautiful Mess.

Text: A Beautiful Mess.

Bokeh light effect: PicFX.

Bokeh light effect: PicFX. Heart frame: Afterlight.

Bokeh light effect: Afterlight.

Filter: Instagram. Bokeh hearts: PicFX. Text: A Beautiful Mess.

Filter and Bokeh hearts: PicFX.


  1. beautiful photos! looks like a brilliant holiday. i've heard a lot about beautiful mess app but almost always begrudge paying for an app (i'm such a skinflint its unreal) but i reckon i might just be swayed. who doesn't want pretty pictures?!xxx

  2. Hey, I just found your blog and I love it! Just been scrolling through your posts and love them all, I love the photography and hints for good pictures in this post. I downloaded A beautiful mess app straight away and followed you :)

    Have a nice day :)

  3. There are also filters like Heisenberg, #FollowMeTo and FlameFlower that are awesome. Clipping Path Asia

  4. All are beautiful here . Hopefully everyone will like your post and thanks you so much .

  5. Wonderful photography you have shoot . I appreciate your image . So much thanks guy .

  6. Lovely photos. Both of you are looking so pretty. And the effects that you used in these pictures are really so cool as well.

  7. I really enjoyed your blog Thanks for sharing such an informative post.


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