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Blog revamp.

I am planning on giving my blog a big re-vamp soon. I am really not happy with it at all, I don't really like the layout or the background pattern or my header image or fonts...or anything really. I look at so many lovely blogs and it just makes me want to play around and change mine. The first major thing that I need to decide on is a name for my blog. The name it has at the moment was never really meant to be permenant but I suppose it is now. It is so hard trying to decide, I don't know how long I will continue this blog but it needs to be a name that will last and stay relevant in the long run. It also has to obviously be relevant to what I am writing about which just now is a mix between general lifestyle stuff, fashion, music. So I need all your opinions, maybe I shouldn't change it at all:

Fiona Hunter - This is what my blog is called at the moment and is pretty unoriginal, it's just my name! Although I can't really work out if in some ways it is kind of original since not many other blogs are just a persons name.

I could also incorporate my middle name 'Mhairi' into it somehow: Fiona Mhairi Hunter or just Fiona Mhairi.
 Fiona Hun - This what my blog url is and it is what my blog was called when I first started it. I thought it was kind of cute since it was an abbreviation of my name and 'hun' is the word that my boyfriend always uses for me in texts and in person and I also use the word quite a lot with him and friends. My dad pointed out to me that 'hun' is a nazi word though!! From looking up the real definition, it maybe isn't something I want my blog to be associated with!

Hunter -  A blogger a while back said that Hunter would be quite good on its own. I like it and it is catchy however I know that face hunter is such a well known blog and I don't really want to have anything similar.

Or somethings totally different, maybe song lyrics:

'What's the point in living if you don't want to dance?' - Kylie.
I love these lyrics but if I was going down that route I would probably rather choose lyrics from one of my favourite singers or bands, maybe KT Tunstall, Leddra Chapman or The Beautiful South. They all have amazing lyrics that I could use as a blog title!
Please please comment and let me know what you think!! Maybe I should just keep it as it is at the moment!

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