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Edward's Got Talent

Did anyone watch 'Britain's Got Talent' last weekend? Did you see Edward Reid? Well he is my new claim to fame! He sang at our uni fashion show in February, he is my classmate Giulio's uncle!! I had known that he had auditioned for 'Britain's Got Talent' but had kind of forgotten. I was watching it last Saturday night whilst I was getting ready for a night out and my sister came running through to tell me that had showed a tiny clip of him in a montage and I had assumed that that was it! Then I was at my friends house just before we went out and there he was chatting away to Amanda Holden. He then continued to wow everyone by singing nursery rhymes to the tune of Snow Patrol's 'Run'. It's was so exciting to see him on the TV and to see him get such an amazing reaction from the audience and the judges, they even showed the judges talking about him afterwards as they walked away. Everyone loved him!

Last Sunday I watched the audition properly on YouTube and it already, after about 24 hours, had around 380,000 views and now after almost a week it has 1,364,650 views. Its crazy! Giulio my classmate had posted lots of links about Edward on his facebook page showing all the media frenzy that surrounded the audition. He was mentioned on abc news in America the next day as well as on the Perez Hilton blog. His name was trending on twitter during the audition and Keith Lemon had tweeted about him! A lot of blogs and new articles were asking 'Is Edward Reid the next Susan Boyle?'. It's so funny to see someone that you have met get such an amazing reaction worldwide, I can't even imagine what it must be like when you actually know the person!

He is definitely the one so far the everyone is going to remember and I can see him going very very far in 'Britain's Got Talent' as well as after the competition. I will be supporting him all the way and I know that all my uni classmates will be too. I feel very proud that he sang at our fashion show and thank Giulio so much for arranging it for us. 

My new claim to fame = I've danced on stage with Edward Reid!!

All the YouTube videos wont let me embed them but you can watch it here!
And please please do if you haven't seen it!

Edward rehearsing and performing at out uni fashion show.
Edward performing at out uni fashion show. Photos by Lindsay Robertson.

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