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My Recent Purchases

I thought I would share a few of my most recent purchases. The first one is this H&M stripey top which I absolutely love! I had seen a kind of cropped vest style top in the same colours a while ago but they didn't have the right size, so I went with this one instead. I'm very pleased with my choice though. I love the colours together and my mum said that the colours give me some colour in my cheeks too which is always good!

The next purchase is the trousers that I bought with my ASOS Groupon voucher, which I eventually spent about 5 minutes before it expired. I ordered a few other things to choose from so that I didn't waste the voucher if these trousers weren't right but they are perfect. They make me look very skinny (which is a nice feature) because of the high waist and I am in love with the colour, especially with my yellow satchel bag and maybe even purple heels! I wouldn't have said I loved the colour blocking trend but I do love bright colours like these trousers and my yellow bag! I haven't worn them yet but I'm sure the occasion will crop up soon enough!

I had been looking at these shoes for a while so I finally bit the bullet and bought them with some Birthday money. I wanted a more summery alternative to my red brogues and I really love them. However it obviously wasn't my smartest moment to wear them for the first time on a day out with no socks! I obviously at some point would like to be able to wear then without socks but just when I thought I had worn them in they went and rubbed my feet to bits again! It seems like it will be a while until they are soft enough for bare feet. I am currently on the look out for nice patterned ankle socks to wear with them! I'm so glad I bought them though!

I had been looking at buying Alan Carr's DVD for a while and I was planning on buying it pretty soon but......when I saw this in a charity shop for £2 I had to buy it! Normally charity shop DVD's aren't very good so this was a pleasant surprise. I have watched it a few times since I bought it, so so funny!

Here are three CD's that I have bought recently. I ordered the new KT Tunstall EP which arrived today. I am a massive KT fan and didn't hesitate in buying this new EP. I have also ordered Lissie's album which I have been listening to on Spotify for a while and finally decided to buy it after a neighbour gave me a birthday card with an unexpected £20 in it, so I treated myself to this as well as the KT one. I also bought an EP from my dad's friend Paul Gilbody at a recent Acoustic Edinburgh gig. I love all of his songs, he is a great singer and song-writer and so I parted with some pennies for his debut EP. I have given you all a little preview of each of the CD's.

KT Tunstall - Preview of The Scarlet Tulip EP

Lissie - When I'm Alone

Paul Gilbody - Ricochet


  1. that top is so lovely, loving the bright colours for summer! X


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