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Sometimes life just gets in the way! That's the only thing I can really say right now about my accidental break from blogging. I knew that I had neglected my little space on the web for a while but I never realised that it has been since April!! I know that I will probably always be a bit of an occasional blogger and I'll never be able to keep up with regular posts. I understand that it's a bit annoying for anyone who is following, and I'd like to thank all you readers who do come back again and again, after all my little breaks between posts.

So what have I been up to? The main thing that's happened since I last posted is that I've moved flats. It was all decided and arranged pretty quickly and so the process of packing up my room (I own so so much stuff!) and cleaning our old flat, in amongst some pretty busy times at work, was a bit stressful. After an exhausting day of taking all my stuff down three flights of stairs in Leith and then up another two flights here, with the help of my mum and dad, I was finally moved in to my new flat in Stockbridge. I had always dreamt of living in this area of town and so I was very lucky to find a room in a lovely flatshare, and even luckier to be picked to take the room over quite a few others! My Timehop from 1 year ago the other day showed a tweet where I'd said I wished I lived here...and now I do! I've not had too much time to explore the area since I've lived here, there are still so many cafés and bars that I'm planning to try and I need to take a walk down to the Stockbridge market the next time I have a Sunday off work.

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Since moving my life seems to have stayed pretty hectic, not that I'm complaining at all. I went to my boyfriends graduation ball (you know what an effort finding the right outfit is right?), I've been on holiday to Malaga with my best girlfriends, work has been keeping me very very busy and then a few weeks ago I had a little spa break at Crieff Hydro which was much needed to say the least.

My boyfriend is now away on the holiday of a lifetime, travelling across America for a month...jealous much?! He asked me what I thought he should do in New York and all I could think of was to go and see Carrie Bradshaw's apartment!! Well...I know what I'd want to see! His trip is actually one of the reasons that I'm back to blogging. I've got in quite a routine of spending a lot of my spare time with him, which is amazing especially as I tend to have quite long work days, but subconsciously I've not really made much time for myself to do things like blogging or baking or crafting! So my plan whilst he is away to immerse myself in all the stuff that I love doing. 

Hopefully my blog posts will become a bit more regular. I have quite a few ideas in the pipeline, including another post in my 'Pinterest house' feature, a post looking at some of my favourite cafés and bars in Edinburgh and maybe a look back at my holiday in Malaga. Watch this space! I promise I won't keep you waiting as long as last time!

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  1. Oooh hope you're settling into your new home nicely. Stockbridge is such a cool place to explore although I really need to see more of it myself. x


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