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Happy 2014 everyone! There are so many of these resolution posts going around just now so I'm just going to hop on the bandwagon!

I wrote one of these posts last year and actually managed to do almost everything on it (emphasis should be on the word 'almost'!!) I haven't really got that many resolutions for this year and most of the things that I thought of were not even remotely achievable. The possibility of having a one-in-one-out policy when I buy new clothes lasted all of 2 minutes until I laughed off the idea! As soppy as it sounds, right now, there's not much I want or need to change!

Stay healthy
That sounds so vague I know. But everyone has a New Years resolution to eat healthy and diet and go to the gym all the time and not drink as much etc etc etc! I'd be happy to maintain the health and the weight that I have just now. I don't do an awful lot of exercise but I walk almost everywhere and I can't see myself stopping that anytime soon. I eat exactly what I want to eat, but that doesn't mean it's always Gregg's sausage, cheese and bean melts (although they are good!), I do actually eat a fairly well balanced diet. I don't think I need to change anything....just maintain! 

Try new things
This heading can umbrella quite a few of the things I would like to do this year.
Firstly, I seem to have missed out on seeing some really classic films! I mean who hasn't ever seen Home Alone or Forest Gump, but has seen PS I Love You about 1000 times!?! I had this same resolution last year but it clearly didn't work! I need to stop watching the same things over and over and watch some of the things I've been deprived of! I think I might make a list! or find one of those lists like 'Top 100 films ever' and just start ticking them off! I absolutely love the feeling of finding new music, maybe my all time favourite film is out there, I've just never seen it yet!
Secondly I could probably be a bit more adventurous with food! I'm not going to go all bushtucker trial and eat anything crazy however...2014 might just be the year that I eat a Subway for the first time ever!! Or maybe even try a boiled or fried egg if I feel like pushing the boat out! Yes, I surprise myself too sometimes!

Be more productive with my time
This again, is one that can be put into lots of different parts of my life. My organisational skills have meant that I'm getting better at time management at work which is good,  I definitely don't have to stay late at work or bring work home as much as I used to. But this then means that I have lots more free time in the evenings, and what do I do with it?!'s a mystery really. Maybe watch a bit of TV and spend way too much time on Pinterest looking at imaginary kitchens!! Hopefully I can start to be a little bit more productive with my spare time; blog a bit more (do not look at when my last post before this one was!), cook, bake, swim, walk...the list is endless!

Stress less
I think this is something I need to tell myself on a daily basis. I can be a bit of a stress head sometimes and I have a very bad habit of over thinking things! Team this with me being the worst decision maker in the world and I seem to have an amazing ability to make a mountain out of a molehill, as well as creating problems that aren't really there in the first place. This is a habit I need to break! Crack this one and I'd definitely have a more relaxing year. (However I'm sure some of these traits are inbuilt!?!'s just me!) 

Amen Carrie!! 

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