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Shoe lust

Again, sorry for not posting much this week, been very very busy with fashion show stuff at uni. Will probably not be able to post much this week either as the actual fashion show is this week! I will try my best but it might even be next weekend before I can post again. I will have lots to post about after our fashion show though, lots of amazing photos and things! So watch this space to see some gorgeous outfit creations all made from charity shop garments.

I will also try to continue with the 30 day challenge however it has taken me a bit more than 30 days to complete!

But for just now, last April when I was in London I bought my lovely pair of red brogues from Office. I had decided just before I went to London that a pair of red brogues might be nice and as I walked past the Office store in Oxford Street these grabbed my attention. It seemed a lot to spend at the time since I didn't have much money, but I just told myself they would be my London purchase, (along with my London Topshop coat!) They were definitely worth the £65 though, I have worn them loads and I love them. They have just today came back from the cobblers where they needed re-heeled since it appears that I walk leaning back on my heels!? I wear them a lot though and they seem to match (or maybe sometimes clash!) with loads of outfits so I don't mind if they need re-heeled every year or so! I am quite sure that they will last for years and years. 
So that's me, me, me....and Fearn Cotton, with my shoes!

I am currently thinking that I would like a new pair in a different colour. Office still sell the same brogues called 'Frank' and the range of colours seem to change every now and again. When I bought mine they had blue, green and yellow ones and I kind of wish they still had that colour range but the range just now is a bit more neutral than that. I do like the cream ones (second down) though for the Summer. I also like a lot of the other styles that they have at the moment especially the two pairs at the bottom.

I haven't linked any of these images or posted the price, but they are all on the Office website.

Which ones do you prefer? Let me know.

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