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Sunday Songs - a bit late!

Sorry this is a bit later than planned, 'Sunday Songs' is now being posted on Monday! I forgot that I had left this post as a draft last night and not published it.

So what have I been listening to this week:

S&M - Rihanna

Daddy Dear - Cass Fox

Save Me - Cass Fox

Every Time You Say Goodbye (Live) - Alison Krauss

Nothing Compares 2 U - All Angels

World Spins Madly On - The Weepies

Two Beds And A Coffee Machine - Savage Garden

When I was in Dundee we went to a second hand music and film shop called Grouchos. They have a deal on that all their £1.99 CD's are 3 for £3 so I got these three CD's for £1 each!

I had heard of the Alice Band years and years ago, I had a single of theirs that I bought cheap when I was about 12 but I've not listened to this album yet. I had also heard of Cass (Fox) as I had downloaded a single of hers that was the free single of the week on itunes a while back. I really loved it so I thought her album would be a good buy for £1 and it definitely was. I love loads of the tracks already and I've had the CD on repeat in my car since I got it. However I have been playing two of the tracks (mentioned above) over and over! The middle image is a CD by a band called Caramel Jack. Now this one I only bought because I liked the cover, I had no idea what type of music it would be. Malik does that often and I think he bought 6 CD's that he had never heard of before just judging them by their covers! This one is not bad but probably not the type of music that I would just sit and listen to but nevermind, it was only £1.

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