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I'm finally off to see Leddra Chapman tonight. Way back in September when I first started this blog I wrote a bit about Leddra and how I was waiting for her to tour so I could see her live... and now I am, with my mum in Newcastle today. (Anna) Leddra Chapman is a student at The London College Of Music and her music was described by Music Week magazine as "filling a similar space to early Alanis Morissette and Joni Mitchell" (two of my favourite female vocalists).

I fell in love with Leddra Chapman's music as soon as I heard her first single 'Story' on Radio 2, which I straight away downloaded and played over and over! Her album 'Telling Tales' is one of only a few that I love each track just as much as the other and could listen to again and again. She seems like such a lovely down to earth person as well, she replied to one of my tweets on twitter which made me feel particularly special! She is touring with a singer called Ben Montague who I hadn't really heard of before, but his music sound pretty good. So I'm looking forward to the gig tonight.

Please have a listen below if you haven't heard Leddra before. Let me know what you think.

Leddra Chapman - Story

Leddra Chapman - Summer Song

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  1. aww I love Leddra Chapman, jealous you're getting to see her! sure she'll be beautiful. x


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