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I'm back! I'm back, I'm back, I'm back, I'm back! Maybe if I say it enough, it might actually happen! I'm forever apologising for the lack of time in between my blog entries but this time I really really want this to become a more regular thing! On a day to day basis I always think of things that I could blog about but actually getting those ideas into a structured post just never seems to happen. I really do admire all the lovely bloggers that I know and follow who can keep their blogs up to date so often. I also have so many ideas in my head about redesigning the look of my blog, and hopefully that will happen soon, so keep your eyes peeled. I also need to get more involved in Bloglovin' and start following my favourite blogs on there since nobody really uses Google Friend Connect anymore! However, this post is just step one in me becoming the blogger that I used to be!

I'm going to start back with a post that's going to become a weekly feature on here from now on! It'll hopefully encourage me to blog a bit more often, and allows me to share what I've been up to that week. So here's week #1:

This week I've been:

Thinking: about whether these fairytale moments (found on Tumblr) actually ever happen?!? I'm clearly going to the wrong coffee shops if they do!!


Enjoying: watching Gossip Girl. Having never watched it before I've been working my way through it on Netflix for a few months now. I'm nearing the end and unfortunately I managed to read online who Gossip Girl really is when I was still on about series two, but it's not made it any less enjoyable to watch.

Feeling: excited for our family holiday to Italy in 7 weeks! I've started shopping for holiday clothes which has definitely fuelled my excitement, it's a good feeling being able to buy clothes for a hot climate and knowing that you'll definitely get to wear them. Next on my shopping list: a bikini!

Wearing: my Topshop Joni skinny jeans...constantly! I love them so much that I've actually contemplated buying another pair so that I can rotate whilst they are in the wash.

Needing: a massage. One of the girls at work had just been for one before she started her shift the other day and it got me thinking! Luckily I do have a spa voucher that I got for my birthday so I can see myself redeeming that pretty soon.

Wanting: desperately to organise a catch-up with my two best friends! Two of us live in Edinburgh and the other is down in Manchester so we're trying to organise to meet half way very soon.

Listening: to The Lake Poets. I saw these guys as a support act at a gig about four years ago, but I just recently heard this song, titled with my favourite city!

Buying: new home stuff for our flat. My flatmate and I considered moving flats this year but decided that we should just stay put. Instead of moving we've decided that we'll put some money into making our flat a bit nicer, so we're just slowly replacing things that are nearing the end of their days. Today I bought new oven gloves and chopping's boring stuff really!

Making: cakes, cakes and more cakes! I've been baking quite a lot recently. I made my mum's 50th birthday red velvet cake as well as carrot cupcakes and apple and cinnamon cupcakes all in the last few weeks. My next plan is to make something from the Nutella recipe book that I got for my birthday!

Eating: toasted bagels with mushroom pate. I went to the health food shop at the weekend and came out with a tube of mushroom pate. We served this as a sandwich filler at the cafe I used to work in and I don't think I've had it for a few years, I'd forgotten how amazing it is on a toasted bagel! 

Drinking: a caramel macchiato. I thought I'd try something different at Starbucks the other day instead of my usual chai tea latte so I went for a caramel macchiato, and it was such a good choice! I think it might be my new 'usual'!

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