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Thinking: exactly what this Thought Catalogue writer wrote in this article:

"This isn’t how I pictured dating. I never saw myself meeting guys on my iPhone and meeting up with them at a bar. But I guess everyone says that before they sign up for But how justified is Tinder? Is it right to judge someone mainly on looks and find a partner that way? Is our generation too lazy to meet someone the “old fashion way?” When I go out to bars with my girlfriends it is hard to find a quality guy to talk to. Is that because he is at home sending messages on Tinder to many different girls at a time? Is messaging on a phone more important than face time these days? I say I rather meet someone face to face but if it is so hard, is Tinder really the new way to date?"

Enjoying: all the pictures from Kimye's wedding! I know I shouldn't but I, not so secretly, quite like the Kardashians and couldn't help looking at the pictures from the wedding when they were released!

Feeling: determined to eat a little bit healthier and exercise a bit before my holiday. I've now been swimming for two weeks in a row and I am trying to cut down on sugary snacks, although the extent of that so far has been not putting sugar in my coffee at work!! I don't think I could cut out chocolate and biscuits all together since I definitely don't have that willpower, but swapping these for less calorific snacks is the plan! 

Wearing: my sunglasses as a hair band! I'm so glad that we're at the time of year where it's acceptable to do this pretty much everyday. Even if it's raining then there's always the chance that it was remotely sunny earlier and you just stuck them up there and forgot about them! Well, I think I get away with this however a few people did comment on a night-out recently about the lack of sun in the bar at 11pm!?! Surely I'm not the only person who does this? They just hold my hair quite nicely!

Needing: to get the huge cracks in my phone screen replaced! My phone screen has been cracked since November and I've just kind of got used to it. I'm actually pretty lucky that the touch screen does still work but since I'll be using my phone as my camera when we go to Italy I really need to get it fixed soon. It's just a shame that the prices to replace the screen are so ridiculously high! 

Wanting: a few more hours in the day. Wouldn't we all like this? Right now I'd probably like them in my working day in order to have the time to get myself little bit more organised, the days just seem to pass by so quickly at the moment! 

Listening: to this! This is the second one of his songs that I'm shamelessly addicted to! 

Buying: a bikini! I said last week that it was the next thing on my holiday shopping list, and I got a lovely one in Primark for £7! I'd still maybe like to get a better, more expensive one but I couldn't resist the floral set in Primark as soon as I spotted it.

Making: my lunches for work. Apart from buying a sandwich once last week (because I'd stayed at my dad's the night before) I can't really remember the last time that I bought my lunch whilst at work. I'm in a good routine of always making my lunch for work which works out well for both healthy eating reasons (a lot less trips to Gregg's!) and for money saving reasons, it's so much cheaper to make something at home. 

Eating: popcorn! Sweet coconut and vanilla flavour from Propercorn and sweet cinnamon spice flavour from Metcalfe's skinny topcorn! These had popped up (no pun intended!) on my Instagram feed quite a lot however I had never actually seen them in the shops at all...until the other day! I was so excited when I spotted them in Boots and they definitely lived up to my, quite high, expectations of how they would taste, both so very yummy! I went back yesterday and bought another four packets, you know, just in case I never see them again!!

Drinking: fresh orange juice mixed with Robinsons apple and blackcurrant diluting juice! It's my new favourite, completely made up drink! Add some crushed ice and a slice of orange for the perfect summer mocktail.

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