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This is one of those posts that I have had in my drafts for ages and ages. I love the look of mix and match frames all on one wall and I've been planning to do this in my room in my flat since I moved in.....more than a year ago. I did buy a few random frames from charity shops and some postcards and cards to frame however time and my uni work got the best of me and the frames went away in a drawer. When I moved into this flat my room seemed so big and I had such large wall spaces to fill however somehow over time I seem to have filled the wall spaces. I'd still like to do this though and I really need to pursue this idea by buying more frames and getting them all up on the wall with my chosen photos and prints. I do wish I had more money to buy nice prints and pictures for my walls. I will one day though...when I have a whole house worth of wall space to fill.


  1. great blog

  2. I love this design the one with the black tree has to be my favorite! lovely blog, thanks for the follow:) i'm following you now too:)<3


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