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KT Tunstall is 'Still a Weirdo'...

She's back! KT Tunstall is back with her 3rd studio album 'Tiger Suit' and the first single to be released is called 'Still a Weirdo' and more I hear it the more I love it!

I have been a huge fan of KT Tunstall ever since my dad gave us her first album for Christmas when she was virtually unheard of. She just seems to be the artsit that kind sums up my music taste. My dad plays in a band that are based in and around Edinburgh (
The Douglas Kay Band) and so he is part of a small circuit of other bands and musicians, a couple of which featured on KT's first album. This regularly comes up as my 'claim to fame' that my dad is friends with some of KT Tunstall's friends. This did then lead to me meeting her backstage at one of her Edinburgh gigs. She even signed a homework note that my dad wrote out as a joke (due to the fact that meeting her was delaying my late night homework session! Not that I was too bothered...KT or George Orwell?? Hmmm!) saying 'I'm sorry Fiona couln't do her homework lastnight, she was out partying with me'......signed by KT Tunstall! Pretty impressive... I think so! Not so impressive when the teacher didn't even know who KT Tunstall was!

I have never been so excited for a CD being released but I am counting down to the 27th for 'Tiger Suit'. I was going to pre-order it but I have decided I will prefer the thrill of going out and buying the CD, esspecially the day it hits the shelves. I will also be purchasing tickets for the tour any day now to see KT at the Glasgow Barrowlands on Sat the 23rd October!

This video is a preview of a song from the new album called 'Push That Knot Away'...which I absolutely love! I have only heard three of the tracks from the album and I can't wait to hear the rest. Have a listen to this, very different to KT's previous stuff but equally as good if not better! Very electro!

She is amazing!

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