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Fashion Styling

One of the modules that we had at uni last year was 'Fashion Styling'. The brief for this module was to create our own photoshoot to hypothetically feature in a high end fashion magazine and the prospect of this had everyone very excited. We had to come up with a theme for our photoshoot that suited our chosen magazine, style a different outfit for at least six photographs and find a model and location. We were also in charge of the hair and make-up and the actual photography (making sure everything was styled to suit the chosen magazine), although I think a lot of people had input from friends in those areas.

I took inspiration from the Eva Cassidy song 'Autumn Leaves' and my theme was called "But I miss you most of all, when autumn leaves start to fall" which are lyrics from the song. The magazine I chose for inspiration was called The BlowUp, I used my friend Rachel as a model and Smailholm Tower for my location. The styling was all black and my final photos were meant to tell a story of missing someone and spending all the time waiting on them to return or mourning the loss of them. I think that the poses Rachel was in and the order that I put the six photos in successfully conveys this theme. However because I chose to style my photos using all black clothing, it doesn't come across as very obvious that I have six different outfits and I think this was probably my main downfall.

I really enjoyed this module and I think styling would be something that I would love to do after graduating and I hope I can do more of this type of thing in the future.
Here are my final photos that I got a grade B for, I hope you like them.

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