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Diane Birch

So much for this being a fashion blog,there's just as much about music on here as fashion. This post is kind of about both. Diane Birch is one of my favourite musicians that I have discovered in the last year (and is now probably one of my favourite musicians ever) but she is also quite a style icon.
  Diane Birch is an American singer-songwriter in the genres of soul and blues. She started playing piano at the age of 7 and released her first studio album in 2009 aged 26. Diane's single 'Rewind' was the free single of the week on iTunes one week and as soon as I listened to it I downloaded her album. I think this might have been the one and only time that I have done that, especially so impulsively, within 5 minutes of hearing Diane Birch for the first time I had bought her whole album! And I love it. It is one of those albums you could just listen to over and over without getting bored, she has such a gorgeous voice! She has an EP of covers coming out on the 7th of December with 'The Phenomenal Handclap Band' which I will certainly be purchasing after hearing a few tracks. I am just waiting for her to tour somewhere in the UK now.

 As well as her music I love the vibe that Diane Birch gives off with her style. From all of the images I came across, it appears to me that Diane keeps her style very plain yet chic and sophisticated. The hat appears in a lot of the photos that I found and it even got me thinking if I could pull off a hat like that (the answer to that one was no!). I can't seem to explain much about Diane Birch's style however I do know that I love the effortless sophistication vibe that she has oozing from her style and her music...just have a look, and a listen for yourselves.

Please do have a listen and let me know what you think:

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