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Potential Fringe

I know I said that I didn't have any time for blogging but I want everyones opinions by Wednesday! I have a hair appointment on Wednesday morning (I always seem to get my hair cut just before Christmas) and I am contemplating a full thick fringe! I am not too sure about it though, I have been told by the hairdresser in the past that because my hair is so curly that I can't really have a fringe. I know that as soon as it rains or the air is even a bit damp that it will go all frizzy and curly but I think I would just have to put up with that. My theory is that if it is very thick and not just wispy little bits of hair then once I have straightened it everyday then it wont go curly as easy. I will just have to have a permenant stash of curby grips in my bag and a hairband for disaster hair days. My hair grows really fast and so I am also thinking that if it is quite a long fringe then once it gets a bit longer, if I'm not sure about it, I can just clip it back, the same as I do at the moment.

I have never really had a proper fringe before, and you never know what its like unless you go for it...opinion please folks!!

(I know my hair is a lot curlier than the pictures below but these were just a few of the pictures I found to try and show a thick fringe with sort of curly/wavy hair)

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