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A Sweeter Place I've Never Known

...than the rolling hills of The Borders. 🎶

Having been home to The Borders for a few nights last week I was reminded of all the home comforts that come with a visit there (and also reminded that I started writing this post about a year ago and had never finished it!):

The bath. I do have a bath in my flat, but my bedroom has an en-suite with just a shower so I never really use the bath. I do enjoy a good hot bubble bath every now and again though, so I usually save the luxury for when I go home. 

The coal fire. This is something that I definitely miss when I'm in Edinburgh, especially during the winter. You just cannot compare sitting in front of a roaring fire when it's cold outside to sitting against a radiator! 

The electric blanket. There would be nothing stopping me having an electric blanket on my bed in Edinburgh (although I read once that you can't have them on top of memory foam!?) but this just makes sleeping in my old bed so much better! Switch it on an hour or so before going to bed and climb into an already cosy bed...perfect.

The cat. We've always had cats as pets whilst I was growing up so it's definitely a home comfort to have a cat around the house. The cat that my mum has now is the cuddliest cat we've ever had. He's such a big softy and loves a good cuddle.

The inspiration. My mum is very creative and crafty and always has a project on the go. She just finished re-doing our kitchen, painting all of the cupboards with Annie Sloan chalk paint. I always end up feeling inspired when I'm at home, whether it's to start a craft project or even just blog. It was whilst I was at home once that I painted this frame, and last week my mum taught me how to that's my new project.

The familiarity. There's something really comforting about being in a place where you just recognise faces, it makes me feel very at home. When I'm in Kelso I always see so many people that I would say I know, but probably couldn't tell you their names! That makes me sound like a bit of a stalker I know, but if you're from a small village or town you'll understand I hope! 

The countryside. I like to try and get out for a walk in the countryside when I'm at home. Last week I went for a walk up to Smailholm Tower (pictured above). It's nice to have surroundings like that so close by to be able to enjoy. I love going back to being a 'country girl' for a few days!

The nostalgia. Due to the fact that my mum still lives in the same house where I grew up, there's always lots of nostalgia around, especially when I went out for a walk last week. I have very fond memories of my childhood in the country; walking or cycling up to Smailholm Tower with my friends on summer evenings, playing in the fields (and lying down to hide if we saw a farmer coming!) and making dens in the woods! It's always a good feeling to remember those times.

So that's my home comforts, and also a list of things that, one day, my own home will have to have; a bath, a coal fire, some countryside and a cat!! 

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