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I know that I am ALWAYS apologising for not posting for a while and my blog posts always have quite a significant amount of time between them, however you might have read on twitter that I have quite a lot of crappy stuff (as dramatic as it sounds, I might as well just say heart break) going on at the moment so my mind has been elsewhere. I will maybe do quite a personal post soon about whats being going on. I know some people might not think this is the best idea but I think it might help me to write a lot of stuff down and to hear from other people who have been through the same thing. Another thing that a lot of people might not understand is that I feel like a know a lot of other bloggers so well from reading their blogs (hope that doesn't sound stalker-ish!) and although I've never met them, I feel like they are friends and so I don't mind them reading about my life and my feelings. I want to continue to keep up with my blog and I think it will be a good distraction and give me something to focus on whilst I deal with stuff.

Anyway, this is a post that I had started constructing a while ago, before any of the crap happened!

Here are a few recent photos from my camera. Me wearing the trousers I got from ASOS (as featured in a post a wee while ago) for my cousins 21st party and me and my sisters before the party. As well as some photos of my attempt at flower arranging when I picked some wild flowers, and nice looking weeds, from the woods near our house. I love having fresh flowers in my room, it's a nice feeling. I might do that more often although when I move to the city that kind of means buying flowers since they wont be as readily available as they are to me just now!

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