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"Edinburgh Is What Paris Ought To Be"

That's what Robert Louis Stevenson said about Edinburgh and I am moving there in August! After me and my friend Lana both kind of mentioned that we had been looking at flat shares in Edinburgh for next year, Lana suggested that we might as well look for somewhere together if we were both planning on living there. It made complete sense to do that, however I was not entirely sure if I definitely wanted to move but in the end I decided to just bite the bullet and go for it, and I am so glad I did! A friend of Lana's was also looking to stay in Edinburgh so we set about looking for a 3 bedroom flat. A friend of my uncle is an Edinburgh based letting agent so I looked on his website and we arranged a viewing for a three bedroom flat that kind of suited all our requirements. All this happened a lot quicker than I am used to dealing with things.

We went to view the flat a few weeks ago, it was perfect for what we were looking for and so we decided to just go for it! It is a great price for a lovely flat, very central in Edinburgh, probably only a 10/15 minute walk from Princes Street. I had never been to a flat viewing before so it was quite a funny experience. I am the worst person in the world at decision making and so it was extremely nerve wracking having to make a decision about where I was going to be living for the next year in such a short time. It's not the most modern of flats and has a funny old blue carpet and wood chip walls but I can't wait to get in and make it all homely and nice with all our own stuff in it. It is a double upper flat and so is on two levels, like our own little upside down house.

I can't wait to get the keys in August and start moving all my stuff in. We drew our names out of a hat for the three bedrooms and I chose one of the two bigger ones. For the first time in the 21 years of my life I will have a double bed! I am very excited to make a trip to IKEA for lots of nice interiors things for the flat. Oh and you can expect lots of interiors inspiration posts as I plan how to accessorise my room in the flat and make it me-ish!

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I am very excited about moving to Edinburgh but I am also extremely extremely sad about leaving home! I have done a post in the past about how much I love the countryside and how much I will miss it when I leave home. I will also, obviously, miss my mum and sisters a lot. I'm just used to them being there all the time and I will miss having them around to talk to. I have really really enjoyed living at home for the first three years of uni and I am very sad that I am leaving. However I keep having to remind myself that I have lived at home for three years longer than most of my friends, and longer than most people my age have. It's just things like being able to sit outside and eat breakfast in the garden on sunny days that I will miss. And just being able to step out the door and go for a long country walk or cycle on a nice evening. But I am sure that I will soon adapt myself to city life...and there are plenty of lovely parks in Edinburgh that I can pretend are my garden! The lease starts in August so we will be in the new flat during the time of the Edinburgh festival as well which will be great. Edinburgh has such a vibrant and buzzing atmosphere during the festival. Moving out is the obvious progression into the next stage of my life.

So as of August life will be a little bit different, I will be living in Edinburgh with Lana and Nicola, working in Clarks on Princess Street and getting the bus down to Gala for uni a couple of days each week. I have always wanted to live in Edinburgh and finally that dream is a reality.

Image from We Heart It.

I am very sorry that this post is so word heavy!

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