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You & Me is a new collaboration between Pink and Dallas Green (of City and Colour). As a huge fan of Pink and also a lover of quite a few City and Colour songs, this collabortaion excited me a lot. If you're a fan of either of these artists then I suggest that you have a listen to this. Their voices seem to work so perfectly together, it kind of reminds me of some Angus and Julia Stone tracks. Their album is released on the 14th but there are a few tracks on YouTube already. This is the one that I've had on repeat lately, the lyrics are so beautiful.

"They say everything happens for a reason. You can be flawed enough, but perfect for a person."

If you've not heard of Leddra Chapman then go and look her up now! She's been one of my favourite singer-songwriters since I first heard her debut single 'Story' on Radio 2 about five years ago. All of her songs have very catchy sounds as well as such meaningful lyrics, which I can often relate to! I always look forward to her new releases and they never fail to impress. 

"My heart is not a playground, I'm not your missing puzzle piece."

Maroon 5 will forever be favourites of mine. I don't think they have ever released a song that I haven't liked and I was lucky enough to see them live earlier in the year which was amazing! Their first album 'Songs About Jane' is one of my all time favourite albums, however all of their others come pretty close too, including this new release. I've been listening the new album 'V' quite a bit lately. I think that it has a great mix of 'old style Maroon 5' as well as their newer electro kind of sound. My favourite tracks are 'It was always you' and their new single 'Animals'.

"No more guessing who, looking back now I know it was always you."

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