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Life Lately #4

I've not done a post like this in ages. If you follow me on Instagram then you've probably seen most of these snaps before, and if you don't then here's a little insight into what I've been up to lately:

Re-living my love for Edinburgh
Sunset on Princes Street. / Autumn leaves and sunny skies. / The Shore in Leith. / Views from Calton Hill.

Nights out with friends
Reunited with 'the uni girls' with dinner and cocktails at Bar Soba. / Clarks night out; me and the girls who help me run my Men's department!

Home sweet home in The Borders
I've headed home to The Borders a few times lately. Waiting at the bus stop to head home last week. / Having breakfast outside in the backyard on a sunny day. / Our cosy living room with a roaring fire and fairy lights. / Looking through the cases of old photos; my sisters and I. / Mum's homemade quiche for tea. / Popcorn and a cuppa in front of the TV. 

 Home sweet home in Edinburgh
I bought new bed covers and tidied my room, I LOVE my bedroom in our flat. / Duvet day with tea and my new bed covers. / Girly night in after a long day at work. / Nachos and wine!

I've been reading:
I don't really read much at all but this book is so inspiring and motivational, I would definitely recommend it. It's the first book I've bought for Kindle on my iPad and I'm slowly working way through it.

I've been listening to:
I've mostly been listening to Adam Holmes new album 'Heirs and Graces'. My Dad plays bass for Adam and I'm so proud that the album reached number 12 on the iTunes singer-songwriter chart. Please go and check it out, I know I'm obviously very biased but I guarantee that you'll love it!

I've been cooking:
Tomato and mozzarella pastry tart. / Backberry and apple crumble. / Chilli stuffed pepper.

I've been dining out at:
Lunch with friends at Arcade Haggis and Whisky House on Cockburn Street. / Dinner for my Grandma's birthday at The Granary in Leith. / Coffee and a cinnamon pastry at Black Medicine Coffee. / Blogging from Black Medicine Coffee. / Carrot cake and cappuccino with a friend in Urban Angel.

I've been visiting:
I went down to Clarks head office in Street, Somerset. The Clarks shopping village is so pretty, lots of bunting, flowers and umbrellas in trees. / I flew down to Bristol when I was visiting Clarks HO and there are Gromits all over the city! / I also went to see The Great Tapestry of Scotland at The Scottish Parliament. My mum contributed to part of the massive project (that's her in The Herald!). It was very impressive, I'll blog about it soon I think.

I've been buying:
Lots of autumn colours (which you can see in my last post). / A beauty haul on payday; new additions to my make-up bag as well as all the essentials.


  1. Oh my goodness where did you get the new bedding you bought for your Edinburgh flat? it's stunning, exactly the kind of duvet cover i've been looking for! Please say you got it recently and somewhere that has an online shop! Your blog is lovely by the way x


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