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My Oscar Outfit Opinions

I absolutely love looking at red carpet fashion and so I thought I would blog about my favourites (and a few not so favourites) from the Oscars red carpet. I started to watch a live stream of the red carpet in my bed on Sunday night but my phone battery died, probably just as well or I would have been up all night. Me and my flatmates did have a session of looking at all the dresses yesterday which sort of turned into an episode of Fashion Police! We all had quite differing opinions but here's a few of mine.

I wasn't too sure what to expect from Anne Hathaway but I'm sure I'm not the only one who wasn't expecting a dress like this Prada one at all. Now I know it was a last minute decision but in my opinion it was a good decision. There was so much controversy all over the Internet about Anne's nipples, a bit of an over reaction I think. Okay, so you can maybe see her nipples a bit, or maybe it's just the end of the darts on the dress but I actually read a headline that said  'Les Nippleables' and articles saying 'I'm sure Anne Hathaway didn't intend to be stood up on the red carpet by her own nipples'. Ignoring all that, I think she looked amazing. Great choice of dress; simple, feminine and elegant with striking back details, accessorised with glitzy jewellery making it an Oscar worthy choice.

I think no matter what Anne Hathaway wore I would have loved it. I've been a big fan of hers since her early film roles and her Oscar win for her part in Les Mis was extremely well deserved. However, Anne could be in Oscar nominated films for the rest of her acting career but I will always just think of her as Andy Sachs in The Devil Wears Prada (one of my all time favourite films!) or even Mia Thermopolis in The Princess Diaries, a childhood teenage favourite of mine!

And as for the other girls from Les Mis, I think they both looked stunning! Such a great choice of dress for both these girls, I especially love Samantha Barks black Valentino number.

In my opinion Sally Field was one of the best dressed on the red carpet. I think this Valentino dress looks so great on her, both bold and elegant, with the long sleeves and frills working wonderfully on her. Like I have already spoken about with Anne Hathaway, no matter how many films I watch with Sally Field in them, she will always just be Nora Walker from Brothers and Sisters to me. I am currently addicted to that TV show hence my love for her!

Both Jessica Chastain and Amy Adams looked amazing. I'm not often sure about pale coloured dresses with pale skin but these looks work really well; 50's glamour and Disney princess.

I wasn't too sure about Jennifer Lawrence's dress until I saw the details a bit clearer when she went up for her award, but I really like it. Charlize Theron looked great, I think in my eyes it's mostly to do with the haircut teamed with a simple, sexy dress.

Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston were among the few who showed us that there's still a place for bold colours on the red carpet amongst all the pale sparkles and monochrome. In my opinion neither of these dresses are anything special but I think both these ladies look great.

I've always got time for a bit of sparkle and both these dresses are winners in my opinion, I especially love Sandra Bullock's.

Navy is one of my favourite colours and always a good option for the red carpet. There was lots of press around Helen Hunt's dress which was from none other than H&M! I do like the style but I'm not a huge fan of that crease-y looking prom dress fabric. I love the dress on the right (not massively sure who that is though!?).

Now...these two are in my 'worst dressed' category even though I will defend Helena to a certain extent however I have no excuses for Kristen Stewart. My opinions here might sound pretty harsh but I am not a fan of Kristen at all. That might actually have something to do with having never seen any of the Twilight films but I just don't get any good vibes from her. I really don't like her look here. I don't understand why she opted for such a feminine dress (which I'm not overly fussy about in itself) and yet still stuck with her signature dark eyes and plain hair! Now, with Helena, I completely understand her signature wacky style and I do admire her for it, and this dress isn't actually too bad. However I really don't understand why she always looks like she just got out of's the Oscars for goodness sake!

Who were your favourites on the red carpet? Do you agree with my best and worst dressed?


  1. Some great picks! I really agree about colour: so many folk tend to stick to the safety zones of pastels/ black/ dark. It's so refreshing to see some colour!xx

    1. Definitely! So many people in neutrals nowadays that anyone in a bold colour stands out!!

  2. I know it's nothing special but I really love Aniston's Valentino. I just think that red is so appealing with her colouring. I also agree about Stewart (with the exception of haute couture Balenciaga), I think her stylist often needs a stern talking to. xoxo


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