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My favourite room in the house

I'll admit it, I love seeing other peoples room/house posts, it's the nosey side of me! This post came from  Alex giving me a blog award that involved me answering questions, one of which was; 'Which room in your house is your favourite?' She stated that there was bonus points for photos and I straight away thought that was the perfect opportunity to do what I've been meaning to do for a while and show you all a few photos of my favourite room! I haven't had the time to answer the rest of Alex's questions yet and so now the photos of my favourite room have come before any of the rest of the blog award questions. 

My bedroom is most definitely my favourite room in the house. Being in a shared flat means that my bedroom is the room that harbours all my......stuff! And the place that I feel most at home. I am verging on OCD when it comes to the neatness of my bedroom and absolutely everything has it's place (it can't be any other way)!

So if you're secretly quite nosey like me then you'll love to get a wee glimpse into my world!


  1. Your room is lovely, I adore posts like this and I also wish my room was this neat looking aha.


  2. I love it, Fiona, so neat and beautiful! I especially like the photo of your satchels hanging up :)


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