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My 2012

So hasn't this year just flown by!! This time last year I was freaking out about how little of my dissertation I had done and I had no answer to the question I seemed to be asked about ten times a day: "So what are you going to do when you finish uni?"!?!? I had absolutely no idea! But somehow everything for me this year has just fallen into place and I'm so happy right now! I love living in Edinburgh and I have the best flatmates, I'm lucky that I can see my family pretty regularly, I don't see my best friends as much as I'd like to but when we are together it's always like we've never been apart and I absolutely love my job! I feel very privileged to be in the position I am right now! Who knows what this time next year will be like! 

So here is a summary of my year: 

In April I turned 22 and celebrated with cocktails with all my closest friends: flatmates, uni girls and my school best friends!! I love these photos!

In May this year I finished 4 years of uni. It's still quite surreal that I'll never be going back, 4 years went by so so quick! I loved every minute of it though...well sort of! I didn't really love the month or so before  our dissertations were due! Regardless of that I did love uni and I made some pretty amazing friends there!

In June this year I graduated from Heriot-Watt University with a 2:1 Honours Degree in Textile and Fashion Design Management and I couldn't be happier with the grade I ended up with! 

My flatmate Nicola moved away back home this year for a job. Although we were so happy for her for getting the job we were also very sad to see her go! :( Not long after Nicola moved out we advertised the room in the flat and that's where Julia came in! 

Summer this year was a good one. The summer weather seemed to come in May and that's when I spent my free days sitting up on Calton Hill reading in the sunshine or when me and Lana sat drinking cider in St Andrews Square one evening! I had a few weeks off of work in July and went on a few nights away places with my Mum and sister Lindsay and caught up with my Kelso friends! I spent time enjoying the Edinburgh festival, had plenty of coffee dates with my Dad, enjoyed getting caught up in Olympic fever and in general had a great time!

Just after my summer holiday from work I applied for the trainee management scheme within Clarks and I was successful! Since then I've been working full time in Clarks and for most of that time I've been in charge or running the men's department! I feel so lucky to have landed a job that I absolutely love and I can see myself having a career with Clarks now.

In September this year one of my best friends got married! Their wedding day was probably one of my favourite days this year. The weather was amazing, the ceremony was just perfect...and very emotional, everyone looked amazing... it was such a fun day spent with friends and meeting new people. And the day was topped off with lots and lots of dancing!

And of course I spent time with these two! We've had some great times this year. These photos are from Amy's 21st in April and our friend Rebecca's 21st in January. 

And finally I finished the year with an amazing Christmas spent seeing family and relaxing! This photo of me and my three sisters was taken on Christmas day.

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