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Christmas Truffles Recipe

I'm dedicating this recipe post to my lovely assistant manager Sarah, as a wee Christmas gift! I've progressed to management level in my job this year and I definitely wouldn't have got there without Sarah's help and support! So thanks for everything! She has been asking me for this recipe for ages and instead of just noting it down for her I thought that since I was making them anyway I would make a recipe blog post. So here you go Sarah: 

I should state that this is by no means a proper recipe and I never measure the ingredients for's very much a 'throw it all in a bowl and hope for the best' kind of recipe!

Digestive biscuits
Ground almonds
Condensed Milk
Cocoa or chocolate powder
Baileys (or Lidl's much cheaper equivalent as pictured!!)

Firstly crush the digestive biscuits...I do it in a sandwich bag with the end of a rolling pin! I used just over half the packet of biscuits for this.

Pop the crushed digestives into a bowl with the tin of condensed milk and the ground almonds. I think I used about a packet and a half of almonds since they were quite small packets, I'd usually use about 1 bigger bag.

Mix these ingredients together...adding in melted chocolate and some chocolate powder. I used the whole big bar of Galaxy melted and about 2 tablespoons of hot chocolate powder. At some point during this mixing stage add some Baileys (if desired!) and mix it in well!

Mix the ingredients until all the chocolate is mixed in well and until the mixture is a good, thick, sticky consistency! This is usually where I end up adding more of everything! I added too much Baileys when I was making these so it ended up too sticky so I had to add more biscuits and almonds here. 

Put the mixture in the fridge for an hour or so to let it set...and grab a cuppa!!

Now it's time to roll them into balls! Spread some chocolate powder (or desiccated coconut or vermicelli) on a tray, take a small piece of the mixture in your hands, roll into a ball and coat in the chocolate powder.

And there you go! Simple really!!

Making the truffles into Christmas Puddings!

Mix up some basic icing with icing sugar and the tiniest bit of water. The icing needs to be very very thick to save it running all down the sides of the truffles.

And then pop a little bit of icing on the top of each truffle, these ones don't look as good as ones that I've made in the past! Cutting a little circle from roll out icing (and sticking it on with heated apricot jam) works too...and might have looked a bit better than this!

At this point I put the truffles back in the fridge to allow the icing to set a bit! I just gave them about 15 minutes in the fridge and then it's time to make the holly on the top with icing pens!

And they're finished!!! A few of my work friends got their wee box of truffles today and Sarah will be getting hers tomorrow!

Merry Christmas!

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