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I feel like I am constantly apologising for being a crappy blogger! I said I was back in the blogging world, posted once and then I genuinely haven't had any time to blog since then! But I have managed to find some time tonight to write a wee post. I have been playing around with my blog design tonight as well, I am slowly but surely learning some new html techniques via Googling and YouTube-ing and I have some new social media button across there >>>>>> I'm still working on my blog header image! Hopefully I can master some more blog design techniques and I will be continuing to adapt by blog design.

Anyway, for just now I thought I would show you some things that I've been doing lately.

I've been watching: Revenge and Sex and the City.

I have been raving to everyone about should watch it!!! I decided to give it a try after I saw the preview and saw that Emily VanCamp was playing the lead. I am a huge fan of Brothers & Sisters which she is in so I decided to watch the first episode and from about 10 minutes in I was hooked, texting my mum and sisters telling them they needed to watch it! And right enough they did and they love it too. It has such a gripping storyline, with a slightly different story to each episode and really interesting characters. I wont say too much....just watch it!! I am completely hooked.

I have been watching so much Sex and the City at the moment too. I had been wanting the boxset for ages and ages and I finally ordered them as a little finishing uni present to myself the day before my last ever uni hand-in, knowing that I would have an awful lot of free time to watch them. I had genuinely only ever seen maybe two or three episodes before (and the two films) so I am working my way through the whole lot from the beginning. I am currently on season five of seven and I love it!

There are some very very wise words in Sex and the City. I really loved this bit (this was the only video I could find and has some foreign subtitles), Carrie comparing finding your soulmate to a game show!

I've been listening to: Marina and The Diamonds

I am a big fan of Marina and The Diamonds and so I had been listening to her new songs on YouTube (because I have no money to go about buying albums) but sister bought her new album so I just made sure I popped that on my usb last time I was at home! Her second album is a slightly different style to her first album but not in a bad way at all! My sister also bought Paloma Faith's new album (I love her too!) but for some reason Marina's one is grabbing my attention more. So many catchy songs including Bubblegum Bitch, Starring Role, Teen Idol and this one; Homewrecker.

I have also been listening to Train's most recent album 'California 37'. I would never have said I was a huge fan of Train but then 'Drive By' came out and so I had a listen to the rest of the album on Spotify and I love it. I really need to buy it, I keep just listening to it on YouTube over and over. 

I've been reading: 'How to be a Woman' by Caitlin Moran.

I am not a reader at all, but when this book first came out a lot of people were talking about it and all the reviews I had read were great. My flatmate got me it for Christmas and as I was very busy up until recently with uni work I only started reading this a few months ago. I really adore Caitlin Moran's style of writing, it is easy to read yet intellectually stimulating with a lot of funny bits. There are so many parts of the book that have made me go 'oh so I'm not the only one who does that!' There are also so many extremely interesting and thought provoking parts, from the light topic of having a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear to the more indepth topic of abortion.

I've been eating:

1. I've been trying to eat a bit healthier and so I've been eating a lot of cereal, yoghurt and dried fruit lately when I am hungry in an attempt to not snack on rubbish foods. This photo is of porridge with dried fruit and a smoothie I made with banana, blueberries and coconut milk.
2. As I said, I have been eating a lot of yoghurt and I absolutely LOVE these Onken ones. I have to stop myself from eating the whole tub at once. 
3. I made some carrot and lentil soup the other night to freeze in portions and then I ended up having one of them for lunch yesterday with some homemade croutons, it was the perfect lunch for such a rainy day.
4. This is my tea from yesterday, stuffed pepper. I am actually pretty proud of was yummy! I stuffed the pepper with rice with chopped up veg and praprika and then put some mozarella on the top.
5. I am constantly seeing these Rekorderlig ciders appear on my instagram feed, so I bought this one in Lidl to see what the fuss was about. This was amazing, I need to look out for all the other fancy flavours.
6. Banana cakes that I made to take to my friends on Monday night. As I am trying to eat (remotely) healthy and seemed to make about 24 cakes, I took some of them to my friends house and then took the rest to work and left them in the tea room with a little note saying 'help yourself'. There was no way that I was eating all the rest of them myself!

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  1. I need to watch Revenge! I have it recorded and ready to go just need to watch it! Everyone is raving about it x


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