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Current Wishlist and Recently Purchased

There are so many things that I have been wanting to buy lately....but unfortunately my purse strings are not really long enough! The phrase "too much month left at the end of the money" is pretty appropriate right now!  This is my first kind of 'wishlist' post, even though they are pretty much just 'exactly what I would buy if I had money' lists.

My current wishlist:

1. Topshop Leigh skinny jeans. I already have a pair of these in blue and I would love a black pair. I asked for so many opinions and tried on so many jeans to find the perfect skinny pair. I have a real issue with supposed skinny jeans that go baggy after a few wears but I have been so happy with these Leigh ones. They aren't actually jeans, just stretchy, tight fabric but that's exactly what I was looking for. They stay tight for days and days.

2. I would love to get a navy blazer, my black Zara blazer is very well worn and so I could do with a new one and I do wear a lot of navy. H&M have a few nice ones in the sale, like this one, although people have also told me to look in Primark for a cheap blazer.

3. I absolutely fell in love with this ASOS watch after I saw it on Milk Bubble Tea's blog a few weeks ago. I love cats and I have actually been searching on ebay for cat print tops and dresses. Unfortunately ASOS have sold out of this watch!

4. I suddenly decided lat week that i would like to invest in a pair of these white converse. I don't really have many shoes that are comfy enough to wear all day long and I wear my skinny jeans a lot so I though that a pair of converse would be a good investment.

5. I really love these shoes. I just stumbled across them on the H&M website and they are only £6.99 in the sale!!! I probably wouldn't have batted an eyelash at them if they were full price (although that was probably only about £20!) but the sale price caught my attention. I think they'd look great with jeans and t-shirt but they would also go pretty well with a floral dress I have...and I actually have a lack of shoes to wear with that dress!! Just as well my size is sold out as I very well might have been tempted to buy these!

6. These wooden scrabble tiles are from ebay for crafting. I am doing alot of craft stuff at the moment because me and my mum are having a stall at our village fete in August so I am trying to decorate wooden hearts, make little house signs from slates and make cards. My mum already bought some of these scrabble tiles and made a lovely wedding present for my cousin with them and I'd love to get some for my card-making.

7. I would love to get some more hooks for my bedroom wall. I have tonnes of necklaces that I never wear because they are away in a box. I need some nice jewellerry hooks and then I can get them all out and hang them up...and hopefully wear them more often.

8. I have been wanting to buy this Train album for ages. I am currently sitting listening to it on Grooveshark right now. I absolutely love it!

My Clarks Wishlist:

To some, this might seem pretty random (not the shop that most young people would head straight to when they need shoes!) but I work for Clarks. I saw a tweet a few weeks ago that basically said 'I went to Clarks today, I hope nobody saw me going in'!! I must add a comment that Clarks is getting more and more fashion is.......really!! I promise! I get pretty defensive when people make comments about Clarks now that I work there.

Well here are some of the things I am lusting after at work. It is so much easier to lust after new shoes and bags when you can get discount on them!

1. This bag is called 'Miss Fiona'!!! We don't even have it in at work yet but I saw it on the website and got rather excited that it has my name! It's not even very me-ish but I think if I like it when I see then I may have to purchase. 

2. I have never been a leopard print type of girl....ever, but I really love these pumps. They are on the cheaper side for Clarks prices and they would be great with jeans for the daytime or with a dress or shorts for a night out. I don't always like to go out in heels and often opt for flats to save sore feet so these would be a handy addition to my wardrobe.

3. I really really need new wellies. I have had the same ones for years and they now have holes in them that let water in (completely defeating their purpose). I don't really need wellies in Edinburgh but definitely for at home for walks in the countryside.

4. Clarks have just brought this bag back in the tan colour after having a variety of colours over the past few years. I already have the black version and it must be one of the best investments I have ever made. It was £69.99 when I bought it about a year ago and I have used it almost everyday since!! If I had the pennies then it would be tempting to get the tan one too!

5. I think when I get a new discount card pretty soon, I will definitely get some of these brogues. I have a pair of red brogues from Office and I have worn them to death and so I have been looking out for another pair. As much as I adore my red ones, I think the tan colour might be more practical for matching with my clothes.

Links if you would like: Miss Fiona handbag, Carousel Ride leopard print pumps, Yarn Dance wellies, Temple Beam handbag and Hamble Oak brogues.

My recent purchases:
1. I've been pretty good in the sales so far and this is all I have bought. It was £7 in H&M and I didn't have many casual dresses like it for the "summer" whenever it arrives!?! I have already worn it on a remotely sunny day with a navy cardigan. Pretty pleased with that purchase.

2. Yes, I did it.....I bought into the hype! I saw the book in Tesco for £3.86 and so added it to the basket since soooo many people have been talking about it. If people were raving about a book a year ago I never would have bought it, but I am trying to get back into reading so I'll give this one a go. I haven't started it yet but I have heard good things.

3. My other H&M purchase, labelled £4 and then only £2 when I got to the when that happens!!

4. I had John Lewis vouchers for my birthday and I had been looking at this rug for a while. I had a new carpet fitted in my room in the flat last week so I went out and bought the rug to complete the new look. It makes my room a bit more 'homely' I think. I think I will blog some photos of my room in my flat soon.

Are any of you lusting after the same things as me? What have you been buying in the sales? Has anyone read '50 Shades of Grey'?

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