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When I first started this blog it was indented to be a fashion blog since I am a fashion student. So far it seems to just be mostly about me and things that I like but I will maybe try and make it a bit more focused! I am not entirely sure what area of the fashion industry I would like to work in after I graduate but I do think (at the moment anyway) that I would love to work in something to do with childrenswear. I know that I don't want to be a designer but I would love to work for a childrenswear designer or be a visual merchandiser for a childrenswear shop or department. One day I would even quite like to run my own shop, possibly selling childrenswear if I could find the right gap in the market and the right place in the world. 

Here are some images that have all come from Mini Hipster. This website is a look book of kids street fashion from across the world and allows parents to upload pictures of their children. I find it pretty interesting to look at the different childrenswear across the world and the way that parents dress their children and in the cases of older children, the way they dress themselves.

I think all of these children look stylish but in a childish way. I think it is important that children still remain childlike in their appearance. I really don't like when children are dressed like smaller versions of adults and I don't like how places like Asda create clothes for children that are just smaller versions of what is 'in fashion'. Childrenswear should be completely different but that debate is for another time. In my opinions the pictures below show the great way that children's clothes can be styled to make children look unique and well dressed as well as keeping the childlike, innocent aspect with lots of bright colours and fun accessories.

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