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Chocolate Bark

I thought I'd do a quick post about an easy homemade gift idea that I've made a few times for different occasions, because who doesn't love chocolate? I first made this last Christmas as a little extra for few of my friend's presents and, as you made have read in one of my latest posts, I made some for my boyfriend for Valentines Day.

It's so easy to make and I think it looks like a great gift, made all the more special because it's homemade. To make mine I used chocolate from Lidl, it's only about 35p per bar and I think it tastes pretty good for the money. You could use any type of chocolate but I opted for cheap-ish stuff since I was buying about ten bars to melt. I melted the milk and white chocolate in separate pans and then spread one as base onto grease proof paper on a baking tray, and then used a spoon to drizzle the other one on top making a marbled kind of effect. Then it's just all about what sweets you want to add on top...the fun part! One of the ones I made for my friends had smarties, marshmallows and Millions and the other one had broken up Crunchie and white chocolate chips! The Valentines one had Love Heart sweets, cherry lips and freeze dried raspberry pieces. There are endless possibilities; I've seen some in the shops with popcorn on them and saw some on Pinterest topped with dried fruit an nuts...a remotely healthy version I suppose!!

I believe the name for this is 'bark' and if you search 'chocolate bark' on Pinterest then you'll find a lot more inventive inspiration that the few photos I have here. I'll definitely be making this again, and I think my sister has already taken the idea to make this for a few of her friend's birthdays this year!

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