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"Oh wow, you're so brave!"

I thought that I'd write a little post about my experience with online dating! I'm not an expert in the field, by no means. I've actually only used one website and dated one person, which I know in the online dating world is pretty uncommon. You're supposed to join loads of websites and go on multitudes of good (and plenty of bad!) dates, and just get to know loads of people! (And when I say 'get to know', that can mean a different thing from one single person to another!)

It was one of my friends that suggested I join the website OkCupid! I wasn't, and am still not, sure how you go about meeting someone unless you meet them in a club or through work, so this seemed like a good option. The website, which is completely free, requires you to set up a typical profile (*insert intelligent yet witty description of yourself*) and also asks you answer some specific questions, which enables them to suggest matches by what percentage you are compatible! There are always going to be weird people kicking about on these websites and I certainly wasn't replying to the guy who messaged me simply saying "hi what company do you work for"!?!? But I did reply to one person (94% compatible!) who, to cut a long story short, I ended up dating for about 4 months. I had such a great few months spent getting to know him and doing all those couple-y things that go along with dating. It was exactly what I wanted from joining the website! We split due to factors out of our control and, although we don't see each other, we are still friends.

I partly wanted to write this to try and maybe change some people's mindset on the whole online dating thing! I just needed the push that my friend gave me to join a website, and I'm so glad that she did. I've seen a few girls on my twitter feed tweet about how they've thought about joining a website but they're too scared, or they've been talking to someone but are too nervous to meet them. When I was dating and my friends asked me "Oh so where did you meet him?", my response was always matched with "Oh wow, you're so brave!" I suppose maybe you do have to be quite brave to do it, and yes it was daunting meeting someone for that initial drink when you know absolutely nothing about them, but it was also really really fun! It's becoming massively common nowadays (hence those pants they're selling in Asda!!) and some people Internet date like it's a sport but it's definitely still a bit of a taboo subject! Yes, you do judge potential dates from a few photos, their music taste and what six things they couldn't live without...but they are doing the same with you!

You only live once so if you are thinking or have ever thought about joining a dating website then I say just do it (and OkCupid is a really good one if you are considering it)! And if it doesn't work out? Then you can say you've done it...and I'm sure you will have also gained a few free drinks from the experience too! ;)

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