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Okay, so I'm really sick of this cold weather now. We've passed Easter for goodness sake and there's still snow floating about! It's ridiculous! Yes, I know, I live in Scotland and should expect this crappy weather whatever month the calendar is showing but, like most people, I've just had enough. I'm so tired of wearing all my winter clothes and massive jackets that every time we see a glimpse of sunshine (no matter the actual temperature) I want to roll up my jeans, swap my coats for cardigans and have even started sporting my sunglasses on my head just hoping that I might actually have to use them! In short, I kind of want the Summer now. Bring me shorts and sandal weather (or the closest we're going to get), or alternatively I might just have to book a holiday soon!

I've not had much time lately to blog and so this is a pretty quick post! The weather here today was an improvement on the past few weeks, it's a luxury to see the sun shining even though it's flippin' freezing! I've seen some lovely Springy looking images on my Tumblr feed lately and thought I would share some to hopefully brighten up your day. These photos make me miss the countryside, it's always so pretty in the Spring. You don't get flowers like that in the city.

All images can be found on my Tumblr.

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  1. Oooh gorgeous spring photos- and I agree, no more rain!

    Greta xoxo


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