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Hi guys, been pretty absent from here lately. I've been very busy working and enjoying life! I will most likely have another instagram style post very soon so I'm sure you will all see what I've been up to including me and my friends amazingly homemade Halloween costumes! I'll hopefully be able to put aside some time soon to construct posts and I have loads of ideas for blog posts including some Christmas themed posts! But for just now here's a little insight into what I've been listening to lately:

I first heard of The Lake Poets when they were the support act when I went to see Leddra Chapman live in Newcastle a few years ago. I came home from that gig and downloaded some of their material, which I played to the point of exhaustion at the time, and this is their most recent number. Almost played this to that point too!

I've always been a fan of Taylor Swift's stuff and this song just came up on my YouTube app the other day as one of the featured videos and since then I've had it on repeat. Such a nice song! This song might tempt me into buying her new album.

I've been a fan of Rebecca Ferguson since she was on the X Factor, I was in the minority of people voting for her when most people were Matt Cardle fans! I got her album for Christmas last year and it really has been my most played album this year. When she appeared on X Factor this year singing this one, I was unaware that she even had a new song out so basically since then this is another one that I've had on repeat.

I'm not even quite sure how I came across this one! I've never really listened to Frightened Rabbit before, despite them being from pretty near my home town...I think! Even now I haven't listened to anything more the than this one. I just love this song for some reason, you've got to love the singing with a Scottish accent!

Now my liking for Nicki Minaj songs is one that I feel particularly ashamed about but it really is one of my guilty music pleasures. I've never not liked any of her songs, they're just so darn catchy!..."If you want it, I'm gonna be Va Va Voom Voom!"

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  1. You should definitely give some more Frightened Rabbit a chance :) The whole of the Midnight Organ Fight album is amazing, one of my favourites!


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