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No. 81 Princes Street

A few weeks ago my work relocated from number 79 Princes Street to number 81! Not a very far move, which I'm sure we were all hugely thankful for, since the teamwork of moving 7000 shoe boxes (not even half!) just two doors along the street was hard enough work for one day! The work of relocating was a hugely strenuous and physically tiring few days but the end result was so fulfilling. The new shop is refitted with the new Clarks interior design style, very aesthetically different to our old store with such a fresh new feel. It's designed with the consumer in mind, making the Clarks shopping experience easier and more pleasurable. As soon as we were shown around the newly refitted shop, we all loved it and as the men's department team leader it feels so great to have a brand new department to make my own! It was a great experience to be involved in one of Clarks' biggest refits and having a brand new shiny shop to work in is great! The response from our customers has been lovely too! The CEO of Clarks even came in during her holiday to Edinburgh to have a look at our new shop, I was starstruck!! 

So if you too are in Edinburgh, pop in and say hi! And if you're not then here's some snaps from our opening day! (Opened by Jack Nano and Daisy, the Clarks mascots...obviously!)

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  1. Aww thats so lovely! I work in Clarks myself, I'd love it if our shop got refitted like that, it's lovely! xx


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